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Pro Player Forum / Re: Ernests Gulbis Thread
« Last post by Nekro t4u on Today at 07:39:15 AM »
Gulbis through to the round of 16 in a walkover of Jo Willy. :depressed:
I hope that some day Jo goes deep here.
On to the next round!
the sad thing is that Tsonga used to be able to beat Djoko on a "regular" basis or at least often, now he has no fight in him

About Gulbis: when he got "big" or at least more known Djoko said that when they were youngsters Gulbis always won against him, and i thought oh cool looks like djoko is scared of him but Gulbis is mug too....
Bummer that today is a washout both here in Cowhampshire and Gay Paris. :depressed:
the weather is unreal here!!!!!! not only Paris but most of europe....,-several-injured-as-lightning-storms-hit-europe/7456682

What's really weird about these storms is the the unreal amount of lightning, i was coming home from the mountains this morning and there were huge stormclouds, lots of rain and nonstop lightning... i was like wtf some people are gonna get epileptic seizure... no wonder it hit so many people......
Great story for the French folk as 13 seems to be the lucky # for Gasket.
On his 13th attempt he finally makes it to the 2nd week at Roland Garros, beating out a solid Nishikori.
Nicely done Richard! :king:
Next up for him, Andy (not Roddick).

In other news, Milos falls to a no-name Spaniard. :mad1:
Bummer that today is a washout both here in Cowhampshire and Gay Paris. :depressed:
Tennis Videos / Re: WTAforever: Every week recording
« Last post by WTAforever on Today at 06:28:17 AM »
Here are the requested matches.



Two other matches from last week


sorry I am so sad that rafa has withdrew from RG and got no mood to write too much.  He is clearly finished  :(

me too, i'm down, so i was looking at the Hungarian juniors, lol in 2016 both boys and girls had hun no1..... that ofc doesn't mean much, Fucsovics Marci who won junior Wimby is stuck and not moving up, but it still gives hope....

Valkusz Máté is second atm but had no1 ranking earlier this year :

and Gálfi Dalma, she's 3rd atm but she was first too ..... lol on some pics she looks totally like Nikki, except eye colour lol!!!!

omg check out how cute Stollár Fanny is too!!!  :grind dance:

lol cool vid of Stollár Fanny target hitting practice fun  :trampoline:
Pro Player Forum / Dominic Thiem The Future of Tennis
« Last post by monstertruck on Today at 06:08:09 AM »

Rising Star

Showing steady improvement over the past 5 years since turning pro in 2011, it appears as though the Austrian is on the cusp of cracking the top 10 of the ATP.  After a tight first set in which he dropped the TB,  Dominic managed to hold off Sascha Zverev (Rising Star #2? :)) in the 3rd of Roland Garros and marches into the 2nd week looking solid.

Although I don't much care for the buggy whip forehand, when he comes over his 1HBH my jaw drops.  I can't believe how much torso rotation he gets. :scared:  The fluidity of his serve looks as effortless as Sampras' and his instinct for using it gets better each year.

I expect/hope that by the end of next year he is solidly entrenched in the top 10 and pushing for his first slam.  :fingers crossed:
Tennis Videos / Re: Roland Garros 2016 - Men's and Women's Draws
« Last post by M A E S T R O on Today at 05:02:21 AM »
--------- RG R4 Kuznetsova-Muguruza HDTV RUS ENG [].part1.rar.html RG R4 Kuznetsova-Muguruza HDTV RUS ENG [].part2.rar.html RG R4 Kuznetsova-Muguruza HDTV RUS ENG [].part3.rar.html RG R4 Kuznetsova-Muguruza HDTV RUS ENG [].part4.rar.html
Dr Swish comes and goes lie Batman, without a noise, lol!  :rofl_2:
I have to go, hope you feel better physically.  :cool:
the politicians mostly love to lie I guess  ..-)

sorry I don't much like these hero movies (super man, batman, x-men............) help! 

Roger can still wimby I guess.  He was pretty close to defeat Nole in 2014  :head-bash:
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