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Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: The Castle
« Last post by Clay Death on Today at 03:24:22 PM »
Hi CD, hope all is well with you.  ://

I am back.

How is it going?

Who is bringing the beer general Swish?

Hi CD, it is good to hear from both you and Emma.
I'm going out now to get a case of beer.
I saw the last two sets of Isner and Nadal.
Rafa has a long way to go, there is a huge dropoff in his game.
Not much pace on either wing and movement was poor for him.
Isner made a match of it but he wasn't at his best either, though he did have some nice net shots which surprised me.
Where's Mimi?

Where is Emma? I have not seen her at Camelot in ages.
« Last post by phuoctan on Today at 11:36:17 AM »
Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Monte Carlo 2015 Highlights (not HD)

I will post Extended Highlights HD next day, please wait. Thanks!

Hi all
I have been working on a tournament from last year, and i can see that it hasen't been uploaded here, so now i'm going to upload them, so you guys can watch them.

First match
Wunner vs Reissig Q:

I will upload more later. Hope you will enjoy.
Tennis Discussions / Nole won again, anybody wants to talk about it
« Last post by Alex on Today at 10:57:25 AM »
Guys, I have this stupid flu that just will not go away. I thought Nole and Rafa were playing the final ... Call me stupid, it is OK  :rofl_2:.

Djokovic is scary good nowadays ... Rafa actually played a good match.

I started supporting Novak when he was a kid (he was just so funny at that time back even in 2005/06 ,  and he turned out to be a freaking monster ...  :)
Tennis Discussions / Re: Monte Carlo Odds
« Last post by dmastous on Today at 07:41:34 AM »
Saw middle of Fed v. Monfils but not the last set.
A bit of a shocker to see the result this morning.
It shouldn't be surprising as the commentators repeatedly noted the difference in body language between the two players. 
Monfils tenacious and focused, Fed angry and complaining.
To me, Gael looked very relaxed and happy with himself even when making errors.
The Showman still remains, but it appears as though he is committed to playing better tennis. :scared:
A scary thought for the rest of the ATP players since Monfils possesses so  much talent and imagination.
And now he has just clinched a semi final berth, cruising past Dimitrov.  Next test, Berdych who advanced past Raonic who withdrew with a foot injury. :(

Meanwhile, Nole is spankin' the crap outta Cilic. :scared:  6-0, 1-0

He does that, has some success, then gets to the business of enjoying life while his tennis backslides. It's happened over and over again in his career. He has wasted his considerable talent throughout his career.
Dmas, good to see you here again. I will say just one thing, Todd Martin 'happened to Djokovic' and  ... 2009/10 Novak was f**k*ed ... You are smart enough that you what I'm talking about

That had to do with what Martin was doing to Djokovic's serve. It was very unusual, and easily corrected. It happened for one season. Monfils.... He has been a flash for one tournament, and then disappeared many many times. He has 'rededicated' his life to tennis then fell off the wagon many many times.
With him it's not bad coaching, its bad life choices. Like Monster says, it's the curse of Genius. You are so good so young.... don't have to work too hard to be dominate at a young age.... bigger and better than your opponents naturally at a young age.... practice isn't necessary at a young age.... that frames your life.
I call it the Billy Owens effect.
« Last post by phuoctan on Today at 07:05:01 AM »
New Link 17/04/2015

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Extended Highlights HD | Indian Well 2015 (21 min)

Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray Highlights HD | Miami Open 2015 Final (12 min)

Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Verdasco Highlights HD Miami Open 2015 Final (22 min)
Tennis Discussions / Re: CYGS for Djokovic?
« Last post by Alex on Today at 05:58:00 AM »
imo a big factor in this will be whether he can stay focused and disciplined. The problem with Nole is that he can lose his focus,  get pissed easily and lose his head, other times he just mentally goes away and becomes absent in big GS matches where he obviously could win....  Fed was never like that at his peak for example...... I wish Nole luck but that rage at the audience and the ballboy thing not long ago are not good signs, he still has to work a lot on his mental clarity.
Nek, it had nothing to do with a ball boy. He was yelling at his box ... the poor ball boy just happened to be there. Novak did not even realize how it 'looked like'. However, he did apologize to the ball boy and his family.

Trust me, I'm not trying to defend him and it is driving me crazy that he goes from hot to cold ... he is winning a match somethig like 6:0 5:1 ... then he plays one bad point (not a game but a point) and gets so upset about it. You can see it on his face ...

It does annoy me, but he does seem to be a perfectionist.

It might work for some people, but trust me on this, it did not work for me. I tried too hard to be better and this and that (talking about work and my personal relationships)..

Well, I will not worry about Djokovic. 27yo, made $80 millions just in prize money and God know what his sponsors are 'giving him' ...

Tennis Discussions / Re: CYGS for Djokovic?
« Last post by monstertruck on Today at 05:26:20 AM »
25% & 75%.
I'll ride the fence by agreeing this year may be his best shot and it is indeed possible considering the way he's playing.  For a piss poor gambler such as myself to Astropredict the odds is the ultimate in Jinxology.  Although I don't much care for his tennis, Nole winnig the slam would be fantastic for the sport! :))
Tennis Discussions / Re: Monte Carlo Odds
« Last post by monstertruck on Today at 05:21:58 AM »
i didn't see Del Potro playing MC?  :confused1:

He's out for some reason. It's tough to get information on him for some reason.
He'll need quite a few tournaments to get back in form.
I doubt he'll do well for months.

poor Del Potro, I like him but time is running out, he will be 27 ? this year so he must hurray to get back to top form.  You know, not many players can beat the mighty Roger in a slam final except Rafa.  I admire Del Potro to be the rare one who can do it

It was shame, the kind of talent he has isn't like anyone else.
For me it was some of the most exciting tennis I've ever seen.
It was like watching lightening strike.... repeatedly.
OK Nek, this one is just for me and Mimi  :king:

thanks, i prefer forever rich :ice cream:

your nole has won enough, i do think he may win all slams this year  ://
yes, hun, it is a good attitude. U used to make lots of money but I was kinda reckless and I do have my regrets. I should've saved more insead of buying stuff I didn't reall need. Economy sucks in Calgary and people are losing jobs left and right because our province (Alberta) is so dependent on the price of oil. It is very low right now and lots of people suffer.

As for Nole ... He is trashing everyone nowadays ... I don't even know how many bagels he delivered this year ... someone on MTF said it was some kinda record. Can't remember. Gosh, I became his fan back in 2005  when he was a nobody, because I liked his sense of humor and his personality. I did see his talent but I had no clue that he was going to become such a 'monster' ...

To be honest with you, it doesn't really matter to me who  wins tomorrow that much. I even said on MTF 'Rafa needs this more than Nole' ... However, Rafa's form is just not there and I think he will lose ... If Nole does win he is breaking another record ...

Nole is almost 5000 points ahead of Fed  and it looks like nobody can challenge him.

I will always be his fan. I'm trying to pick a new young star ... but they all suck  :zipped:. Kinda like Borna Coric and Nick Kyrgios but I'm not sure if they will deliver or not ...
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