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Tennis Videos / Re: My clips (WTA & ATP)
« Last post by phuoctan on Today at 08:38:48 AM »
Roger Federer Best Points 2016 - Clay Court
Tennis Videos / Re: New sdede Matches Index List
« Last post by Pawan90 on Today at 05:48:13 AM »
sdede ,  bro can you upload Rafa vs Djokovic Madrid 2009
hello Betty :grind dance:

Lord Nek will get you some handsome men too. All look like rafa but with lots of hair  :hysterical: :hysterical:

Sorry that you are not well, me too.  Guess I caught some flu as we are also hot like you but inside is cold (air conditionner in office).  I will feel fine for 2 days, then the third day  :ZZZZZ).  I am just getting too old  :zipped:

don't worry, Franzy will be all right since doing tennis is good for him.  He is going to spend most of his time on tennis and no time to do bad things  :)~
ciaoooooooooooooooooooooo :)

yes Nek imagination is amazing :lmao:  good u said the girls are jsut for Mike :)>>>>  hahahha

Ii read abt that boy Mimi, really this world is getting crazy, what future have my son i dont know :\  btw im forced a home coz got bad flu in july at 35° hahahahhaha that no words :zipped:
but so i can study a bit in peace when have not fever :p
I like the second one more, as they didn't shake their hair and were more quiet  :rofl_2:

A Japanese killed 19 disabled persons with knife.......... We got more and more crazy people every day........

have a nice day :ice cream:

Dalriada's hair is again, very long  :rofl_2:.  I wonder whether how long they wash their hair or never wash?  :rofl_2:
Haha the singer girl is a hairdresser maybe she fixes their hair  :rofl_2:

shaked their bodies vigorously.
Hahahaha cool description  :hysterical:

Were you one of them?  :rofl_2:
No, even though they were near Bergamo and i go  there often  :tounge-smile:

I found imo the only live performance of Saltarello on youtube :grind dance: It's so good  :not worthy:  :worthy:  :winner: shivers going  up and down  me  :angel2) it's the starting song of this concert  :)) Complete concert - DALRIADA (Rock for Roots Festival 2015) HD
Omg they are now so good, have 3 male singers, the guitarist, the drummer and the flute guy  :)) BTW for some time i didn't know how they achieve that choir effect live but then i saw this unplugged vid and noticed the drummer is also singing  :thumbs-up:

Dalriada - Hírhozó (acoustic live)

Mimi i'm going cu later  :kisses:  :cloud 9:

Dalriada's hair is again, very long  :rofl_2:.  I wonder whether how long they wash their hair or never wash?  :rofl_2:

the audience looked very excited and shaked their bodies vigorously.  Were you one of them?  :rofl_2:
Thanks Mimi  :kisses: , i'm glad you like the story  :grind dance:

lol Dalriada was in Italy last year, how cool the audience was, jumping up and down and moshing at the fast part  :trampoline:  :thumbs-up: Dalriada - A Nap És A Szél Háza live at Fosch Fest 2015 in Italy

That punkish part in the chorus reminds me totally of "Liberty" from the Levellers: Levellers - Liberty Song // LIVE @ Kendal Calling 2011

lol this is my favourite video lately: Dalriada clowning around in 2009..... Haha the singer can speak like a peasant, even if you don't know the language it's funny :rofl_2:  also there's the Fajkusz band jamming , the guys with the violins etc..... and there's lots of clowning, haha their half-German drummer trash-talking folk metal  :rofl_2: They're also going ard in a car partying and cursing at other drivers : Dalriada in Studio '09, Arany

no need to feel ashamed as every one made some wrong judgment and you are not alone. The fact is, you are living better than your drunken cousin.  He needs his family to help him financially while you are free to travel around Europe.   :applause: :drinks: :yay:

hahaha, your wide imagination.  I always said you could be a writer or detective.  Good, telling lies that you are 17 and you got house and abundant supply of weed and food  :hysterical: :trampoline:

my german internet poster told me that since there isn't any politcians who are more popular than Merkel, that she will be untouchable. I feel for the poor German that this so beautiful country will be ruined by her  :ranting:

thanks for the laugh, the 4th women who are smoking  :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

It seems that Germany will continue to let in more refugees. They want to keep their faces so they keep on telling lies:

"German minister rejects blanket suspicion of refugees after attacks
Chancellor Angela Merkel's deputy spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer also added that most of the terrorists who carried out attacks in recent months in Europe were not refugees.

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Monday cautioned Germans against indiscriminately branding all refugees a security threat after a rash of attacks over the last week.
“We must not place refugees under general suspicion despite individual cases that are under investigation,” he said in an interview with the Funke media group after a string of assaults in southern Germany, some involving asylum-seekers.
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer later expressed the government’s “shock” after the rash of violence over the last week but also warned against labelling all refugees.
“Most of the terrorists who carried out attacks in recent months in Europe were not refugees,” she said.
“This fact corresponds with ongoing investigations indicating that the terrorism threat (among refugees) is not larger or smaller than in the population at large.”
Yes, it shows what kind of scum politicians are.... They choose keeping their faces over the safety of their citizens.......   It also shows they don't know how to do something properly.... if you're doing your job and mess up it's bad but it's even worse if you don't fix the messup asap......    Lol all of the attackers were syrians, afghans, etc. but lol!!!! the threat is not bigger from refugees!!!!! lol  :rofl_2: Also the machete guy killing the pregnant woman was not a terrorist attack!!!! that makes it so much better lol!!!!! well, elections in Germany start in a few months 'til then we'll keep out these guys on the south  :) And when they boot Merkel and get someone less brain dead things will improve.....

BTW i'm ashamed of myself too cause in the past i always defended the Arabs......... you know my relatives scolded me for it often, especially my cousins.... They said i'm stupid..... And the sad thing is they were right....... you know when the stories appeared on TV about what they're doing in my country, also things like a young woman who spoke arabic and heard what the refugees were saying about her on a train, that she should be raped and other bad things i lied to myself that these stories were made up by our government.... but then there were other news on TV with video coverage, there was my police buddy who worked at the border for months and said horrible things and now all these stories about the murders coming i can't pretend things aren't bad like Merkel lol.........   Btw the sad thing is that one of my cousins is real scum, among other bad things he's leeching from my parents cause he's drinking everything away nonstop but they're sorry for him so they let him and his gf whom he cheated out of her house and inheritance too (cause from his name and title she thought he was a hotshot and not an alcoholic bum and she sold her house to live with him but he's got no money and he can't even make children cause he drank away his balls but now she has nowhere to go) leech from them.... but now he's right about the Arabs he'll troll me nonstop when we meet lol sad times........ However, this is just my mug ego hurt, it's much sadder that these people who are doing the killings turned into what they are and that they are taking harmless and innocent victims.....

On a funnier note...... the axe aggressor's story gave me inspiration... You know Mikey Feldman didn't contact me,  to do that Ita trip...... so i've got another plan that he may like better...... So we'll go to Germany and say we are 2 17 year old refugees who need rich German foster parents..... We won't need too much..... I'll need only a neverending supply of Radeberger: and quality weed ... For Mike 3 high quality hookers, blonde, brunette and redhead.... these will do, it looks like they like motorsports and Mike is a big sports fan.....  We'll get Betty inside too somehow, we'll say i'm mentally retarded and she's my nurse  :rofl_2: hmmmmm that sounds like a cool party, i'll make program later  :tounge-smile: It will surely include visiting Nikki and Jelena, they live in Germany after all...... Maybe if i give some weed to Jelena's mom she won't be a party pooper  :rofl_2: Jelena's mom, our foster mom and some of Mike's hookers smoking pot:
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