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« Last post by phuoctan on April 19, 2015, 08:47:16 PM »
Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Monte Carlo 2015 HD Highlights 21 min

Rafael Nadal vs David Ferrer  Monte Carlo 2015 HD Highlights 24 min
Tennis Discussions / Re: Nole won again, anybody wants to talk about it
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 08:22:45 PM »
Alex, I am not at all being harsh on Andy. In fact, I still want the best from him because I know he still has it in him. It's just that he has no one to motivate him in that way. Kim is pretty useless and Mauresmo is pretty weak herself. She was never known for mental toughness or her serves, so I am not sure what kind of thought process went into that kind of decision. I can't say much, really and I believe Andy simply did that for two reasons: one, he thought it was a pretty cool thing to do (yes, Andy can be very childish at times) and second (and this one is very important), he needed someone who'd comfort him because he wanted to rest for a while after his Wimbledon win. Lendl would have not let him get comfortable and would have kept him on his toes. Does it surprise you at all that, after all these years, he went for his back surgery after he won the Wimbledon?

Anyway, yes, I absolutely agree with you that Andy's collapse against Nole is completely mental. He has lost a lot of faith in that downtime of his when he was recovering from the surgery, lost Lendl because of it and finally, half his team left ship over that dispute of hiring Amelie during 2014 Wimbledon. I can't believe that Andy actually was stubborn enough to let go a couple of very faithful team members as Dani and Jez, who stuck with him through his worst times and were so passionate about Andy's matches. So now Andy is taking baby steps just to come back where he was and he is struggling because he lost so much faith in himself.

You and I (and rest of the world who are not Murray fanatics) know that Andy's collapse against the top guys is completely and utterly mental. I mentioned this on MW and all hell broke loose. The older ladies (in their 60s & 70s m mostly) can't tolerate any constructive criticism towards Andy - even when it comes from as genuine a poster as myself. I don't think most of them even watched tennis as closely as I've watched pretty much all my life. And I don't believe even for a moment that they'll watch tennis after Andy retires from tennis. Anyway, the bickering was so off the chart and personal that even Andy had to tweet after a point, 'Everyone Love Everyone' but I don't think they ever got it. It's such a shame that Andy is such a great person and yet, some of his fans are so biased, selective and so rude to not only other posters who don't agree with them but also, so rude and vicious to other players. They now hate Nole with a passion. It really never ends with some of them.

Well, this is getting longer than I intend it to be (lol where is Swish to remind me of that?  :)~ ) but anyway, good news is, Mauresmo is pregnant so I hope this is the end of the coaching (and I bet it is) and Jonas will be on board shortly. So let's see if Jonas can inject some of the tougher mentality into Andy. That's all he needs, really. Right now, Andy doesn't have anyone in his camp who is mentally very tough and can motivate Andy enough to the right direction. Mauresmo is/was too soft.
Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: ~* Ye Olde Village *~ Volume 1 "A New Beginning"
« Last post by Alex on April 19, 2015, 07:29:21 PM »
Emma, I'm serious right now. I really miss you. Yes, I have a bizarre sense of humor ... I'm truly sorry that I have insulted you ... I just love pushing your buttons but I'm not a bad guy and no I'm not a racist. Well, I could be a bad boy sometimes  :whistle:

On my knees right now begging for your forgiveness  :) . Same with Herc. I just want us to be friends again and be 'stupid' again.

Alex, when you truly love someone, let's say for the argument's sake, you don't insult that person. When you do then it's not true love. It's human love that's wrapped in jealousy, hatred, anger etc. So when you go and insult me (and I am sure you have your excuses) I know for sure that whatever feelings you have for me - they are not real. It's just an infatuation. A need for attention etc. For all I know and trust that, it will only take a small incident or perhaps not even that - to trigger the negative sides of yours.

And you don't have to ask for my forgiveness. There's nothing to forgive anyway. You decided to stoop low - I had nothing to do with it. I was never offended because I never cared enough to be offended. I left because it was no longer fun (the same reason why I left MW). I hope you've learned your lessons though - if not, then what a waste of time and emotion that would be - not for my but for you.

I am here now but I'll probably be gone tomorrow - who knows. If I am not having fun then I will have no reason to stick around, you see. So think twice before you say anything negative - next time.
When you truly love someone you do not insult that person ... OK. I get your point. The thing is after all of fun times you and I have had on this board, my intention was not to insult you, but it turned out to be that way. Nowadays, perception is everything. I simply like pushing buttons and joking with  people I love... it's just the way I am but we are all different.

All I hope, when I asked for your forgiveness is that we can be friends again, joke around and talk about tennis too. I do respect your intelligence. Otherwise I wouldn't be even talking to you. So, let's move on if you wish ... I have some family problems, my dad is not well.

Feel like this today

Tennis Discussions / Re: Nole won again, anybody wants to talk about it
« Last post by Alex on April 19, 2015, 06:59:44 PM »
I think you might be too harsh when it comes to Murray. Both Murray and Djokovic tend to be 'too emotional' sometimes but Novak has learnt how to control his nerves and play within himself. He is very confident, being up or down ... it's like 'Catch me if you can'. He was there for taking in all last 3 masters (wasn't Dolgopolov a set and a break up with him?) ... yet, he found the way to win even playing not even close to his best.

I believe that if Murray could somehow learn how to control his nerves/emotions on the court he could win more majors and even reach that number 1 even for a week. His skills are there, he is finally healthy but his problem is in his head. At the AO this year, Djokovic didn't play that well at all, but Andy fell apart mentally ... instead of focusing on each game, he just went away ...

On the other hand I used to criticize Djokovic because I always saw his potential ... well, now he's a monster. Players try so hard against him but they don't believe they can beat him. They seem to be scared if you wish.

And, no Djokovic is not playing that well at all IMHO. However, he keeps winning and he is being so consistent ...

Tennis is so mental ...
Tennis Discussions / Re: Nole won again, anybody wants to talk about it
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 06:20:48 PM »
Nole is just benefiting from the fact that both Federer and Nadal are declining and Murray spending his time mostly on Twitter and not being as serious as he was prior to winning Wimbledon and Del Potro is still recovering from injuries. Rest of the guys don't believe in themselves enough. The guys like Nishikori, Wawrinka etc. can occasionally challenge Nole but not on a regular basis. They don't have that consistency in them. They are also not as good as Nole.

Alex is right. Nole has done nothing wrong. In fact, he's doing everything right and he's a top player by his own merit. Terrific win for him today though he didn't play particularly well but he didn't need to. Once he gets the 1st set, he automatically believes he'll win the match so it's crucial for others to do their best in the 1st set in order to actually have any chance to win the match. Because that tends to damage Nole's own belief system; therefore, he becomes erratic, loses focus and makes a lot of errors in the process.  Notice how Federer beat him Dubai just this year - though Dubai is really Federer's holy ground as he gets a lot of support and he's won it so many times, that the confidence is already there even before he steps into the court. It's hard to fight against that kind of support and confidence. I wasn't at all surprised at that loss by Nole in Dubai.

Anyway, Berdych did try but he is still erratic. I am sure Dani is working on that and in time, perhaps, Berdy will be more precise with his shots. Against the top guys, he really lacks that perfect control of his game - he becomes nervous and lacks the belief.

There's a certain lack of competition in this era right now due to a couple of players getting older and others being either injured (Del Potro) or lacking interest (Murray). This reminds me of Federer's era from 2003 to 2007 a great deal. Not Federer's fault by any means but it did lack a great competition.
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 06:03:22 PM »
Alex, there's no such thing as 'a smart fool'. Are we being delusional again?

Prod (Joe) went off topic with me a couple of times on MW and then opened separate threads just to apologize to me. It was unnecessary - all of it. I don't get it (or maybe I do). It's becoming sort of a trend on the forums now. What's going on with you guys. But I can tell you this, no matter what type of game you play, you will end up losing because I am not playing the same game.

We can be friends again no problem but know your boundaries when get negative on anyone. That's all I can say.
General Discussions / Re: What I'm listening to now....
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 05:56:09 PM »
That is actually awesome and yes, not to bad for an armature.  :))

One of my friends' brother is on the pro level but I forget his name.

I used to play online with my ex but of course after we broke up, I never got online. He was really good. My main problem these days is the focus. I can't focus for too long (maybe Andy has finally rubbed me off  :rofl_2: ) especially when I have so many other interests. Chess requires a lot of thinking or brain work and patience and focus. I think I lack the patience and the focus the most.
Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: The Castle
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 05:50:54 PM »
Hola herc darling. Long time no see. I thought you'd know at least why I am not at Camelot anymore but it's ok. I see myself as a refugee anyway going from forum to forum. A gypsy, a hippie if you will. It's much more fun this way.  :))
Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: The Castle
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 05:47:10 PM »
Well, isn't that rich, Nekro darling?  :rofl_2:

See, I can't win this game. If I am not here then I am all ^^^ that. And if I am here then I am still all ^^^ that. I am in no win situation here. :rofl_2:

And no matter how many times I tell you guys that I am really not dating and that it's been a while, it's all falling into deaf ears. Minds are already made up about me and without me having any say to it. Oh good times.  :rofl_2:
Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: ~* Ye Olde Village *~ Volume 1 "A New Beginning"
« Last post by Emma on April 19, 2015, 05:40:32 PM »
my family was poor when I was young, so I always have great fear of not having enough cash and I always try to save more.   I never got the luxuary of having other people's financial support.  Well, it is better not to reply on others.

I'll have you know, most millionaires were very poor at one point or another before they became rich. And the reason they became rich is because they never thought they were poor even when they grew up in poor surroundings/conditions. In other words, they had a vision of being rich and the rest took care of itself. 

The only thing that makes us really poor is the thought that we think that we are poor and the victim mentality that we play. If you can afford to think and feel rich despite your conditions and upbringing, you will be rich. Test it.  :)
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