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Tennis Videos / Re: WTAforever's Matches
« Last post by jkkkkr21 on Yesterday at 09:34:59 AM »
me wta forever i want all games from eastbourne and wimbledon
grass court is my favorite.
you have maybe some already upload?
Tennis Videos / Re: Post Requests Here!
« Last post by jkkkkr21 on Yesterday at 09:32:58 AM »
sdede ore any one else can upload the game of kerber vs doi in nunberg of Germany of these year?
and also another match of these tourname roberta vinci vs karumi nara?
Tennis Videos / Re: thread
« Last post by jkkkkr21 on Yesterday at 09:32:01 AM »
Can you send me an invite too please.

Thank you!
Tennis Videos / Re: Roland Garros 2015 - Men's and Women's Draws
« Last post by jkkkkr21 on Yesterday at 09:25:43 AM »
sdede you have on you list of upload
the first round match >>petra kvitova vs marina erakovic?
Tennis Videos / Re: Roland Garros 2015 - Men's and Women's Draws
« Last post by sdede on Yesterday at 08:22:56 AM »
Here's another you'll all like  :)) :

RG 2015.R1.R.Federer - A.Falla.HDTV.720.RUS.mkv 2.43 GB

(I'm d'l'ing 15 more first round matches; it will take a while to get them, though...)
Tennis Discussions / Re: The French Open Draws Are Out
« Last post by monstertruck on Yesterday at 05:10:34 AM »
Fiero, I am surprised you haven't said anything about the draw being fixed. I wanna know!

It seems the French Organizers want every possible interesting matchups out there between the big guys. Nole/Nadal, Murray/Nadal or Murray/Nole and finally, whoever makes it, may face Federer in the final. 

I have to watch however all the taped matches given the timeframe. I will be mostly at work and I am busy to the point I am even unable to follow the scores. Oh least the weekends will give me some live action.

I feel most eyes are on Nadal primarily followed by Nole. But I am sure both Murray and Federer are on the watch list as well. Too bad about Raonic. He could have been damaging to some big players.
Ayuh, @#6 in the world and still rising/maturing, I hope he will eventually push into the top 3 and begin challenging for slams.  Fingers crossed this is only a minor setback for him.

Yes, hopefully it's only a minor setback. His whole future is ahead of him and he takes his tennis very seriously too, so there's obviously a lot of hope for him.

Raonic and Nishikori are injury-prone though Nishi somehow avoids it during Slams. I'd like to see Dimitrov doing well too. He's been sub per so far this year. I think all that hype did considerable damages to his mindset.
I like that aboooot him.
He seems to understand the commitment necessary to realize his potential.
Totti and Federer

Tennis Videos / Re: Post Requests Here!
« Last post by Shamal90 on Yesterday at 01:36:44 AM »
Hello everyone!
I am a new user here (Registered yesterday)! Can someone explain for me what do 'Tennis God, Tennis player, New poster' indicate in this forum. I am so perplexed about Tennis God
Thank you

'suppose I could add that to my "Newbies post" .... IT MEANS YOU LISTEN ... AND OBEY  :mad1: :scared:

Seriously, .... it just counts how many posts you've made....  :))


Thanks Sdede I got it....  :) ok I will obey    :) :) :) :)
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Alex on Yesterday at 01:04:29 AM »
Emma, I'm an old fashion guy. I don't know what she wanted. She cheated on me. I found out. I was willing to forgive and move on.

She wanted something more. As much as it hurts me to say this, I think she was bored ... The money was not the problem.

I believe that I spent too much time at the office. She wanted us to spend more time but it was so difficult for me to deal with work and the relationship at that time ... I feel like I was running 24/7 to make everyone happy.

I do understand that you don't want to be with anybody. I feel the same. Well, there is still some hope  :). I don't know.
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