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Tennis4you Chat Threads / Re: ~* Ye Olde Village *~ Volume 1 "A New Beginning"
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:50:06 AM »
Foggy is quite handsome too but I am immune to his charms due to his arrogant attitude on court.  It is as if he is the king and doing his parade  :rofl_2: :rofl_2:

Wish you less busy days  ://

Still hot?  I find it strange that the fans in Hamburg Tennis tourney wore heavy clothes??  Have you seen how long-winded is Michael Stich???  Wow, he talked non-stop in the trohphy presentation!   ..-)

I think Emma sometimes is a bit serious about our posts coz most of the times, we are just joking
.  We just can't take it too seriously in interent, this is mainly for fun.  If there is a chance, I would be pleased to meet the posters  :)

headless chicken, damn it, you are so funny  :hysterical: :hysterical: :trampoline:

Hola Mimi, just jumped to the last page of this thread as I don't have time to read through so many posts since my last post. No, I am not serious about anyone's posts here or anywhere. I am just not very keen on posting in forum these days so only post when I feel like it and when I have some time to spare otherwise I find it all mindless chitchatting.

Also, I was very busy. I spent a week in a cottage and then got back to long hours of work (at work) followed by a wedding, reunion, get together and a dinner party at my own place just yesterday. Can't be here just because people demand it. It's good that you are always here so Nek can't go after you like he does with me but I have no reason to take him seriously and start posting like crazy, you see. So I am anything but serious or take anyone seriously for that matter. Don't have time or interest.

Hope all's well with you and you are enjoying Nadal's tennis once again. Just found out he's won a tournament yesterday against Fognini. Never sure why we have clay tournaments at this stage of the year where there should be only hard court tournaments. Oh well...
Tennis Polls / Re: Who is the manliest woman on the WTA Tour?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:35:52 AM »
Fognini? I thought women find him quite hot? Not me though.

Anyway, no. Think hard. Put wigs on players and see who looks most feminine.
Tennis Polls / Re: Best of Five 5th Set Tie-breaker is ready
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:34:34 AM »
Alex showing early signs of dementia? Or is it Alzheimer?  :rofl_2: :)~
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:30:59 AM »
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
'Cause I'm the best baby that they never gotta keep
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
They always wanna come, but they never wanna leave

Ex's and the oh, oh, oh's they haunt me
Like ghosts they want me to make 'em all
They won't let go
Good to see the little beast is back in the saddle  :grind dance:  All ok with you? Legs fine???? And what about the house hunting????  :)

You mentioned you are a Sagittarius, can you shoot like this  :tounge-smile:?

Legs are fine. House hunting has become frustrating. I've seen 50-60 houses so far but none of the them spoke to me. I'd like a house that I'd fall in love with instantly but hasn't happened yet so obviously a bit frustrated. I do believe it will happen when it's time.

I love horses and love shooting (never animals but like the one in the video). I actually grew up practicing shooting with me brothers so I am not too bad - though I haven't tried anything too heavy yet. That was exciting to watch. I may want to pick up that hobby again but I'd probably go with learning to ride a horse first! There's so much freedom in that. 
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:21:24 AM »
Another style that would suit Emma perfectly, she's the girl in the blue dress, I'm the guy in the red shirt  :rofl_2:

I don't think I am brave enough to dance in the street let alone dance in that crazy style. I am more of a club dancer.

But given my originality and background, I'd probably more interested in this kind of dancing.
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:17:33 AM »
This is how Emma and I would dance  :)

Not really. I find that kind of dancing quite repulsive. Just my opinion.
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:15:52 AM »
Nek, I'm confused. I thought you were gay. Well, one way or another I wish you good luck  :).

Oh that explains a few things then!  :rofl_2: :rofl_2: :)~ :)~
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:13:51 AM »

there is nothing more adventurous than building a family of your own......for that you need a kind and caring man.......based on your past experiences, you seem to have lost faith in family building.......but remember that had your parents thought like you, 'emma' would not have been possible.......

parties, travel, fun don't make your life complete, they make about 20% of the make it complete and feel an endless ocean of love, you have to marry and live with one person for a long your immediate adventure must be finding that one man.......i have been saying all this to you since 2008 but you seem to be very firm with your choices.......

i think living alone is easier for a man than for a's all are mentally not as blessed (it's a boon in a way) as women to truly feel if life is incomplete.......but women do, that's why you feel hollow inside like most single too have those feelings but i personally think it is easier for them to get over that feeling.......

Hola Shankar, my immediate family (my parents and siblings) means everything to me. They are my world, my heart and soul. Never ever felt the need to have my own (husband and kids) and still don't. People are different after all and not everyone comes to this world with the same agenda. Wouldn't that be quite boring?  Best to accept people as they are rather than to expect what we expect from them. That's a sure sign of maturity.

And there's a vast difference between being lonely and being a loner. Feeling lonely is the feeling of emptiness. It is self created and kind of pathetic. I am a loner. I prefer spending much more time with myself doing my own things than to be with others. I only spend time with others when I feel like it and this forum is no exception. I don't care who demands what.

Also, I never feel hollow inside. That's a misinterpretation of my original post. I get a little bored and nothing interests me when I am expecting something and it's not happening right away. That's all.
General Discussions / Re: Emma, is this you?
« Last post by Emma on Yesterday at 10:00:36 AM »
Nek, I'm confused. I thought you were gay. Well, one way or another I wish you good luck  :).
lol probably we're all gay here  :)~

Where is Alex?

He's been real busy with work and all other things, not to mention a new lady friend  :)

I thought he was gay?

 :rofl_2: Alex is as straight as they come, he's always got an eye for the ladies  :))

See, if I were to guess, I would say Alex was gay and my arch nemesis was straight.  :)~

Was that arch nemesis the Legion guy btw???  :tounge-smile:

No, that was Pamqnx (Frenchman - you'd find his posts in that thread). Legion didn't emerge until either late 2009 or in 2010. This was in late 2008.
Tennis Videos / Re: My clips (WTA & ATP)
« Last post by phuoctan on Yesterday at 08:49:52 AM »
Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray | Top 10 Rallies [HD]
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