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Tennis Videos / Re: New sdede Matches Index List
« Last post by sdede on July 17, 2014, 08:01:57 AM »
Here are the recent requests for matches. If you asked previously and I haven't posted:

1) forgive me
2) please re-request same

@Hamilton10000 - plz ask in the Wimbly 2013 thread

I have (only!) these and will post soon; the ones in smaller print below I don't have but will search for (I thought I'd have more of them ... sorry!):

2012 eastbourne final between Paszek and Kerber
Federer vs Djokovic (French Open 2011 SF)
Federer vs Nadal (French Open 2011 F)
Federer vs Djokovic (Toronto 2010)
Federer vs Berdych (Toronto 2010)
Federer vs Roddick (Madrid 2009)

Do Not Have:
2012 Luxembourg SF Williams-Petkovic
2003 Aussie Open 4th Henin-Davenport - there's a Henin website that I'll check (and post the website)
2011 Wimbledon Lisicki-Li
2008 Chennai SF Nadal-Moya
2010 ATP Paris Monfils-Federer
2002 Aussie Open Haas-Federer
2002 Aussie Open Safin-Haas
2002 Aussie Open Sampras-Escude
Federer vs Simon (Rome 2013)
Roddick vs Simon (Rome 2011)
Roddick vs Djokovic (Cincinnati 2010)
Roddick vs Rusedski (Rome 2006)
Tennis Videos / WTA Bastad, Istanbul and ITF Carson
« Last post by WTAforever on July 17, 2014, 06:57:00 AM »
Hi all
Here is a topic with all of the god tennis there will and had been played from Bastad, Istanbul, and there will also be matches with some upcoming players in the ITF Tournament in Carson, so hope you guys will enjoy the matches

Here is the first Matches
Bastad Matches:

Siegemund vs Scheepers R2:
Kontaveit vs Cepelova R2:
Goerges / Piter vs Rae / Smith QF:
Goerges vs Torro-Flor R2: Part 1:
Part 2:
Arruabarrena vs Beck R2: Part 1:
Part 2:

Matches from Istanbul and Carson will come up when i have uploaded all matches from Bucharest and Sacramento
Tennis Videos / Re: WTA Bad Gastein, Bucharest and ITF Sacramento 2014
« Last post by WTAforever on July 17, 2014, 06:45:04 AM »
More Matches
Bucharest Matches:
Knapp vs Kovinic R2:
Soler-Espinosa vs Vinci R2:
Hercog vs Niculescu QF: Part 1:
Part 2:
Halep vs Krunic R2:
Piter / Savchuk vs Bogdan / Cadantu SF:
Halep vs De Vroome R1:

Bad Gastein Matches:

Suarez Navarro vs Rogers R2:

Sacramento Matches:

Loeb vs Mestach R2: Part 1:
Part 2:
Tennis Videos / Re: Wimbledon 2012 - 106 Matches
« Last post by jkkkkr21 on July 16, 2014, 05:36:40 PM »
Hmmmm.... an impressive request list! I'll get through them SLOWLY, with the Requests thread and my thread (and of course tourneys...), OK?
ok thats very nice thank you very much in advance sdede and i will waiting for it..
Tennis Discussions / Re: Is anybody posting anything on this board any more?
« Last post by Alex on July 16, 2014, 04:02:19 PM »
Euroka, why not say what's on your mind? Just say it. What's the problem? It can't get worse than this. Let's talk.

Until Nadal beat an Argueable GOAT on his court, in his prime, on his best surface.
You still haven't addressed that. 
You know who else has done that... NOT PETE, NOT ROG, NOT NOLE, NOT MAC, not Anyone!

Hey Logo. Very cool of you to carry on a pretty serious and awesome discussion with solid posts and not get dirty with it. That's good quality right there! Thanks for that! Now I am not going to start from scratch about my views of the GOAT and whatnot so here's a few quick points for where I stand:

- GOAT is a subjective term. I love playing and watching tennis and enjoy it and for me the GOAT is someone who I have enjoyed watching over the course of their career, or in instances where I have not followed that person's career, something that would make me believe that I'd have enjoyed him/her if I were in that era.
To that end, I am a big Federer fan - I think his game, his successes and shortcomings and his journey through the ups and downs of his career, battling youngsters and challenging for the best spot long after any apparent need and his role as an overall classy ambassador of the sport are awesome.
Nadal is great and his numbers and fan base speaks for themselves, but I started off initially not being a fan of his game, and while it has evolved over time and his successes show for it, i have not grown overly fond of him.
Note that I am not calling either one a GOAT.

If I had to go purely off numbers and head 2 heads and all and had to be completely unbiased, I personally could make an argument either case. But I might just have to give the edge to Nadal - he has put up impressive numbers overall (5 slams on non-clay is pretty impressive in itself + clay court domination, masters titles, wins over other Big 4, etc) even given his tendancy to be injured and out of office for long periods of his career. He does however lack consistency at the top spot and reliably consistent performance across the board and that is also something I'd consider to be part of a GOAT's resume. He does best when he's climbing up the rankings and has something to prove, not a legitimate leader and dominant era-definer off-clay.

Either way, I did want to address the point I highlighted above. Why does it matter so much that he beat a potential GOAT in his home turf? In fact I'd say Nadal has done that twice, 2008 Wimbledon and 2009 AO. People forget that Federer had won 3 of the 5 AO's before that. But there are plenty of people who have pulled off similar upsets. Soderling over Nadal in 2009. Federer over Sampras in 2001. Krajieck over Sampras in 1996. Wawrinka over Djokovic AO 2014. Why is that such a big deal. He's clearly a great and has grass success to speak of but one win doesn't really make that much of a difference to call him the GOAT over Federer. They have obviously been close on grass before and it was a close match - only a matter of time/statistics that he would win one. It wasn't a blowout like the second episode of Johnny Mac vs. Borg Wimbledon. I don't think that should really count that much for him, just as it wouldn't count too much in the overall scheme of things if Federer beat Nadal at the FO for his single FO - in the end he'd still only have one FO as he does now and there's only so much that speaks to.
Tennis Discussions / Re: Wimbledon 2014
« Last post by euroka1 on July 16, 2014, 10:52:13 AM »
Nick was absolutely fantastic. He hit 70 winners, 37 aces if I remember correctly  :shocking:. He is only 19 yo. Here is your new bright star. He is very confident and brave. Rafa was actually pretty solid, but Nick showed the whole world how to play to def. Nadal. You have to be ultra aggressive.

Alex, how do you think things will go tomorrow against Raonic?

When playing against another big server (I think) Cilic, Roddick once said "Why don't we save time and go straight to the tie-break?" I expect it will be a bit like that .  It is strange to think of Raonic as being the senior player in this encounter.

I honestly don't know what to think. It could go both ways. If Nick manages to serve as well as he did against Nadal he'll have a good chance. I just hope that Nick won't have a mental meltdown after his big win. It will be a battle of 2 big servers. I think that Nick, although younger, is a bit better mover and more versatile than Milos. What do you think?

Nick's mental toughness has been one of the most impressive parts of his game so far (compared to his compatriot Tomic, for example  ..-) ) so tiredness might be a greater problem. Compared to Rafa, I didn't think he moved all that well today although he did get to some impressive shots. But it will probably come down to just the serve and, honestly, I do not want to make predictions.  :dunno:

By the way, I wasn't the only one who didn't think Kyrgios would win today. Laver and other Australian tennis greats and even his mother also had their doubts.

I was sorry to read in the papers that Kyrgios has just taken delivery of a new Mercedes. Bad move. At best, a distraction; but it could lead to much worse.

I also see in the Australian papers a rumor that Tomic has been dumped by IMG.

edit: rumor confirmed.

Tennis Discussions / Re: Is anybody posting anything on this board any more?
« Last post by euroka1 on July 16, 2014, 10:28:51 AM »
Hi Alex,

Being a low-profile person, I'm quite neutral about being forgotten but to me it is pretty clear what is wrong with the board. For a start, it is very hard to get any sort of discussion going but the major problems as I see them are things that I hesitate to put in writing partly because I don't wish to cause offence and partly because I probably do not know the whole story.

If anyone wants to know, see me at the Cincinnati tournament in August. Meanwhile, I am off to England on Sunday for two weeks and will unfortunately be missing the Washington tournament this year where many of the promising new generation of players are appearing.

Tennis Videos / Re: Wimbledon 2012 - 106 Matches
« Last post by sdede on July 16, 2014, 08:00:11 AM »
Hmmmm.... an impressive request list! I'll get through them SLOWLY, with the Requests thread and my thread (and of course tourneys...), OK?
Tennis Videos / Re: Wimbledon 2014 - Men's and Women's Matches
« Last post by sdede on July 16, 2014, 07:56:44 AM »
Hi Sdede. Do you have English Verision of Kerber/Maria match? I have it in Russian :( I really hate Russian commentary coz they never shut up and I can't understand anything.

I have now listened to three Russian versions and one in German. All different feeds, too, but have yet to find one in English. Am still looking but I can't guarantee it :Confused:

OK, folks, it's been a wonderful run and things are drying up out there -- no new matches.

Any request is of course welcome :whistle: - but next week are a few big tourneys, and we gotta move on....
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