[1] Predict-A-Match Thread for Chat, management, questions, etc.

[2] Rules of Play (Attention, rules modified as it is now clay season)

[3] Predict-A-Match Rankings and Tournament Winners (Last Updated 6/10)

[4] Predict-a-Match Grand Slam ***FRENCH OPEN*** (CONGRATULATIONS Litotes!)

[5] Predict-a-Match Mutua Madrid Masters 1000 (Freak3yman84 wins!Congrats)

[6] Predict-a-Match Monte-Carlo (Freaky wins easily! Congratulations!)

[7] Davis Cup 2013 Quarterfinals (Completely different style, read OP rules!)

[8] Predict-A-Match Miami (Enrique is the winner! Congratulations!)

[9] Predict-A-Match Indian Wells (Clash is the winner, Congratulations!!!)


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