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why isnt tennis so mainstream?

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wh yisnt tennis as mainstream as baseball and soccer?  why are only some people interested enough to appreicate our game?

Shoot, baseball and soccer you can play for a loooong time.  But the popular sports like Football are tough to get pick up games when you are 40 and take those kinds of hits.

It drives me nutz to see that some people think Tennis is a pansie sport.  Tennis was ranked (by to be the 7th hardest sport to play.  See link.

I think that people like to sit on their couches, have beer and pizza and watch sports that they know they can not just go out and play.  But tennis on the other hand, you can play that as long as you are fairly healty.  I love going to the clubs and seeing 85 year old hit the ball, I hope I can do that too when I am that age!  But an 85 year old playing football, we all know better.

If you get interested in tennis and just watching it and not playing it, it is because you do not wish to try it out, or is it that you are just too lazy?

Tennis is also a VERY hard sport to learn.  For starters, most people get confused with the scoring alone.  Although to us it all seems like common knowledge.  I remember when I first started goofing off with the some friends and hitting some guy told us we have to serve it into the opposite service box.  I didn't believe him.  :)

It is also an expensive sport to play, court time in the winter, racquets, balls, shoes (which last me 2 months).  They all play their role.

Last but not least, most players to get good need to take lessons.  And that costs money too.  I have only met one player that taught himself and he beat me 4 out of 5 times, at least, simply amazing.

Anyways, those are some of my theories.  I get a lottle personal on the lazy couch potatoe thingy, but I am a hyper ball of energy wound too tight anyways and I am just waiting to go hit some balls.  4.5 hours left till I hit the court tonight for some dubs!

MC ill Logic:
That list is nonsense.  How is football and basketball ahead of tennis?  What position are they talking about?  A lot of those two sports is simply about being born fast and quick and very little to do with skill compared to tennis.  Football and basketball players are known to gain tons of weight in the offseason because not only might they not be staying in shape in the offseason, but they might not even touch a ball.  

Same with boxing.  The champion of the WORLD might gain 30 pounds between fights, doing no road work and nothing in the boxing gym.  If a tennis player didn't touch a racket for 6 or 12 months at a time, they would come back and get their asses handed to them.  

Basketball, boxing, and football have the superior athletes, but I completely disagree that they require "more" than professional tennis.  

Tennis, gymnastics, sport tae kwon do, and figure skating, I respect these sports way more in terms of what they require from their athletes.  I agree with the list in that I think Hockey probably requires the most of all the team sports.

Bleh, stupid stereotypes, simply put. I faced the same scrutiny that I played a "sissy sport" when I did gymnastics even tho half of those ignorant idiots didn't even know that gymnastics is by far the most physically demanding sport for guys. Tennis isn't quite as physically demanding but compared to other sports, is pretty complex IMO.

I think that its becoming more mainstream, tho. Slowly but surely..

Well, they will think differently when they try to fight you and you do a back flip over them, a summersault passed them and them round house them in the nutz!

I did gymnastics when I was younger.  U can impress a girl if you can do a back flip.  :)


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