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For the last week I have had the "required to register" on.  The last forums I did not require that, I am not sure that EZBoard gave me the option.

Do you feel that it is a good idea to keep it on or off?  We may have a few more people choose to post if they do not have to register...

Any thoughts? Should I continue to require people to register to post at these forums?

i dunno, maybe its best if they dont register.  people may look at it and think that they have to pay to register.  maybe its best if you turn that off, that way people can post and then understand how to register.

some people don't like to register,can't be bothered, up 2 u!  :)

I am starting to get the same feeling.  There are always guests browsing these forums, almost every time I am here guests are here.  I think I will try turning it off for now and see what happens.

I also am having the old forums automatically direct you to these forums now.  I think that will help as some people may wonder what has happened to their username passwords.  I bet some people will just think it is the same forums but look different.

Thx u2!

Anyone else?


--- Quote --- I am not sure that EZBoard gave me the option.
--- End quote --- could do that on Ezboard...heck you can even get it where only people who are ezsupporter can only register for your board.  

I like the registering better.  If people register it shows they actually want to be here.  When do don't register people will come in a post spam.  Spammers go to one website see that people have to register then leave instead of taking 5 minutes to do it.  While when there is no registration spammers can come and go as they please.  The people who are not spammers, if they truly wanted to post here and become regulars, can take the 5 min. it takes to register, then you can contact them and such.  Personally I have always thought not registering was kinda dumb.  But that's just my opinion.  (Hope that all made sense it is like 6 in the morning and I'm tired as hell.)[/quote]


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