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Do your parents play tennis?

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or used to?

Good question...  My parents never did.  I have hit with my Dad while in High school.  He has great hand eye coordination (probably where I got it from) and he actually hits pretty good.  I crushed him of coarse, that is what he gets for paying for lessons.  I hope that some day my kids can crush me in tennis, that will mean they are pretty good!

Both my parents played my dad was real good college player and im still yet ot beat him and my mom started because of my dad and she never got good

How old are you steve?  Give it time, you will school your Dad.  I cannot wait until my kids can school me in tennis!  AWESOME!

im 18 now ive been playing about my whole life but havent really focused on it till the last 6 months im improving fast and im now a average 4.5 player my dad was real good in his time but is definetly loosing speed and he is getting lazy our sets are usually 7-5 6-4 pretty close so i just give it 3 more months and i will dominate


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