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THE Stanislas Wawrinka THREAD (pictures and other stuffs...about Wawri )

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I will start this thread because of his achievements lately..The guy deserved that !  ;-()
So anyway   :welcome2: Stanislas to the tennis4you forums !  :))
I hope that will be time to start Kohli thread but he has to justify it in right way  ;-()

  Past result in Toronto:
1round: def. Bolelli  6-4 7-6(4)
2round: def. Safin  6-3  6-4
Next one: vs A.Murray on Grandstand after Simon vs Acasuso match...

Stan's definitely a player with plenty of fans on here and has had some great achievements. If he wasn't playing Murray next I may root for him ,but come on Murray!

Yeah that could suck sometimes...I really like Andy as you know I do...but again as long as he doesn't play (as Dallas would say) my guys...
So Wawri had to play player that I usually like(Marat) but that's tennis...So I had to root for Stan...
Good luck on this one Murrayfan,but it will be difficult one,and great to watch !

Just last year, I saw him at the US Open and was like "I can't believe I'm watching THIS GUY, I should be watching the good players!"   

My, how things have changed....

Thanks for starting his thread!  He's a top 10er now... so yes, he deserves his thread!  I'll help get it up-to-speed as well by posting things here as I like Stan too! :))


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