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--- Quote from: Tennis4you on November 24, 2012, 08:04:20 PM ---Big freeze hit here last night, and darn it got cold quick!  Beautiful Thursday and then ice cold and windy as all get out last night!

--- End quote ---

We had it today :blue: and, as it was 40 degrees and above freezing, played outdoors regardless. But the wind was more or less in control of the whole show. It was good to get out and try, though, after all the good eating earlier in the week.

Although there is no snow yet and it is not yet really cold, it has become very difficult to get an outdoor game together here recently because of rain  :rain: , dense fog  :depressed: , and the seasonal illnesses  :sick: . Thanks goodness for indoor courts where we can still schedule a couple of matches a week among those available.  Playing indoors means that you only have to get there!

I sent my deposit in to the Cincy tournament. After 5 annual trips, I have made a projected resolution to actually go into Cincinnati for the first time. It is always so easy to just park at Mason for the week.

  :santa: Happy Holidays to everyone with best wishes for much tennis in 2013. :santa:

Happy New Tennis Year people!

Still a bit of a tennis drought around here with holidays, bad weather, and partners sick or out of town in sunnier places.  Only one match so far this week and that was shortened.

But it is good to be watching Tennis Channel right now and seeing several of the pros getting back to work again.  :)

Once this week  For shame!

It's been a slow start to the year here too with holidays and the club being closed.  I am getting my tennis in though, rest assured!

I am having cararact surgery right now; left eye last Wednesday, right eye next. Tennis suspended for now but I'm looking forward to making more authorative line calls when I resume.  :lol-cry:

Meanwhile, lots of tennis on TV to watch at home and lots to look forward to in the coming summer.  :) 

It has not been a good winter for outdoor tennis  :blue: .


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