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Whoa, that just hit me.  Are you in Cinncy all week E?


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on July 27, 2008, 08:21:07 AM ---Whoa, that just hit me.  Are you in Cinncy all week E?

--- End quote ---

Yup. It's nice to be retired and be able to do this.

That does appear to be a major benefit!  I am jealous that you get to see all that action for an entire week.  I am sure it is a totally different experience to get to see the entire tournament as it progresses.

I am home now, so my travels are done and the brutal work week starts tomorrow.  Have fun out there, keep us updated too!

OSU Buckeye:
Great to see you start a journal and I am glad you did make it out with us for the weekend.  You played far better than you lead us to believe you would before-hand!  Have fun at Cincy this week! 

It was great meeting you and hopefully I will run into you in Cincy on Thursday, when Jeffro (a seldom poster) and I make our way there.  We will be at both the AM and PM sessions.


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