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--- Quote from: monstertruck on May 20, 2013, 05:20:34 AM ---Sounds like a casual contract.
Sort of like 'friends with benefits'. ;-()

Good hitting partners can be very difficult to find.
One that's willing to help bring along you're game is a bonus.

If you don't mind my asking, what's the going rate in the D.C. area?

--- End quote ---

Friendly but commercial. $67 an hour at the YMCA, court included, no charge for rain days. A previous instructor went off to work for Donald Trump at a resort over in Virginia where he doubtless is getting more. When last greeted at the local Legg Mason tournament,  he was looking very prosperous.

It's an extravagance, I know,  but, by hitting all those balls and refining my other strokes, it is good for my other tennis, good for my partners' tolerance in those other games, and it keeps me in shape.  I guess those are all benefits but that is not what the above phrase brings to mind.  ..-)

I wouldn't think of calling it an extravagance.
Most club players get so caught up in the marketing web of gear manufacturers that they think new strings or a racquet will solve their on-court woes.  In fact the best use of funds for those serious about improving thier game is money spent on lessons.

Enjoy! :))

The heat and humidity have arrived  :PHEW:). Monday was refreshingly cool but today I was out for two hours in the morning and it was rough. I certainly needed the bottle of water I took with me and I've been downing fluids of the good sort since then. Normality is returning. More hot days are ahead and it is probably as well that I have no more tennis scheduled until next Monday.

Thanks alot for sending that weather north. :mad1:

Stay hydrated My Friend!;_ylt=AgHLREtxRxsjI79AWUJBXB6bvZx4?p=stay+thirsty+my+friends&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900

I had a month off the courts because of a trip to Australia  :beer: in June - July and am now slowly getting back into my game. While I was away the heat and humidity set in and it has been somewhat of an effort getting going  :PHEW:). I can still serve but I cannot run. Need that water more than ever!


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