Who will reach this years US Open final?

two of the top 3
14 (66.7%)
at least one between 4-10
4 (19%)
at least one outside top 10
3 (14.3%)

Total Members Voted: 21

Author Topic: Will the US Open be a bust?  (Read 12345 times)

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Re: Will the US Open be a bust?
« Reply #40 on: August 10, 2008, 08:03:56 PM »
2 weeks to go....Roddick's stock went down a bit today.  But at least he's getting some quality playing time in and does not have to travel around the world. 

I look forward to the Open this year.  It should be good times...
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Re: Will the US Open be a bust?
« Reply #41 on: September 10, 2008, 11:03:32 PM »
Looking at those between 4-10:
Ferru, Davydenko, Roddick, Nalbandian, Blake and Wawrinka are way out of form. That leaves Murray, but I can't see him beating Rafa unless Rafa is injured, though if he's on the other side of the draw, he could make it, but it would be a big surprise.
Looking at 11-20:
 So, if anybody is going to break up the big 3, it'll be Murray or somebody lower-ranked on an awesome Tsonga-like week, but they seem to happen more in Australia. I'd love to see Murray do it, but that's extremely wishful thinking, so I'm going with 2 of the big 3.

That's what I was thinking when I set up the poll, hence my "at least 1 player between 4-10" vote  ;-()  The rest are doo-doo

Hey, I nailed this one  :winner:
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