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Belgian Miss:
Hey, im new here and I wanted to introduce myself to you all. I live in Belgium and I'm a fan of Clijsters, Henin, and clay-court specialists (I wouldnt call Myskina a gravel specialist, just because she won the french open). I play one handed both sides, mostly on gravel and on hardcourt too. I love to play from the baseline, rallying till my opponent makes the error. Im the friend of the daughter of the ex-coach of Clijster (Carl Maes),
who happens to be the fed cup coach right now, so I know a lot of tennis in specialized terms. (Caroline Plays tennis too, but she's ranked quit low)

Belgian Miss:
I like a lot qua. music and I like the red Hot chilli Pepper, Radiohead, coldplay (chris martin is Hot!), Lenny Kravitz, some pop songs, Heather Nova, Sheryl Crow are some examples. Im 19, female, and im here because i wanted to talk about tennis and so.


Wallonne ou Flamande?

I'm French.  :;:-|

Welcome to the boards Belgian!!!  Glad you found us.  I have enjoyed your tennis posts.   :welcome)

Belgian Miss:
Im not of the french side ( WalloniŽ)
but I can speak french too.


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