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Juan Martin del Potro wins the bronze medal in Men's Singles Tennis over Novak Djokovic.

DelPo showing some class towards the retiring Roddick.

Del Potro is very gracious towards his opponents, as he obviously demonstrated yesterday.. He understands the support for the retiring American hero, Roddick.. I would be glad if he can make it to the final..

Del Potro Joins UNICEF On Visit To Children's Home

Juan Martin del Potro joined UNICEF Argentina on a visit to the children’s home, Hogar Marquez de La Plata, where he spent time getting to know the youths.
In between games of table tennis, the 2009 US Open champion answered their tennis-related questions and listened to their personal stories, goals and dreams. He also recorded a video for “A Sun for the Children” campaign, a TV show that helps raise funds for UNICEF.
“They do a great job here. I really want to thank the whole team and the kids for the time we spent today,” said del Potro.
Hogar Márquez assists children and teenagers without parental care, employing a comprehensive method that helps each cope with the autonomy of adulthood.

DPot, trying to stage another comeback, edges out Gilles Simon to advance to the semis where he'll face Koli.
The serve seemed to carry him and the BH slice is good enough for grass. :\


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