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What level do you play at?

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I'm a low level 4.0 I suck and I'm afradi of tournament play. and you?

I love tournament play, it is my favorite tennis.  4.5.

Just getting back into tennis, I'd love to try out the 4.5 but I thought better.
I can't compete in the Opens because my body told me so.
So I guessed I'll just stick to 5.5...even though sometimes those guys are so boring to play against.

im anywhere from 4-5. Depends which day you catch me. Today i was a 2, i barely won my match and played sooooo bad. At one point all i did lob it just because i couldnt hit any other way. I played a lefty who sliced everything she could but when i lobbed it she couldnt really as much.

I would be curious to know how people rate themselves.  I really didn't now where I fell until I played USTA leagues.  Reading the NTRP thingy is decieving.  I read that and think I am 5.0, but I have seen 5.0 and I can tell you now that it is not me.  I compete just fine at 4.5.  I hope to do better in the next year though.

4-5 is a wide range Bets.  A 5.0 player should school a 4.0 player 6-0, 6-1.  The game the 4.0 player won was the 5.0 being nice.  :)

6.5 is just nasty a$$ tennis.  I assume you have played some satellite tennis?  If so, I want to hear about it.  *droooool*

5.0 in high school and you will most likely be getting scholarships somewhere.  That would be sweet if you did!!!  Wait, you are in high school right?  Or have I confused that with college for you?


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