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VAMOS RAFA !!! (Post match-reviews, pictures,articles, videos etc. about Nadal)

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News update on Nadal..He went on to spanish media to say that he is in fact still suffering from the knee.. So, even though he pulled out of Austrlian Open due to some stomach virus or something, truth now comes to light! he is still injured and not fully recovered!! Too bad for Nadal, but I think this is without a doubt something we had in our minds and Nadal just came out and say it:"Pain doesn't let me do certain movements on my knee, but I am hoping this pain will eventually go away" article is in spanish... for those who speak some...He went on to say: " I don't know if I will ever play at the same level, and right now it is not even in my mind. If the knee stops hurting, I don't see why I shouldn't play at a high level on clay"So, this brings out the alarms of every Rafa fan... I am really sad he has endured this kind of injurie, but due to his style of play, everybody saw this coming eventually. Now, it is Rafa himself who is coming out and saying he is not fully fit and that his knee still hurts...Too bad for Nadal, but the real question is: Is this the end of Rafa's tennis career? or will he bounce back? Considering he has been off tour for more than 7 months I see this as a critical signal that he might be heading to the end of his days in a tennis court! Anyway, let's see how he manages to come back at Chile and see if he has recovered somewhat. Anyway, he did a lot with what he had and he should be proud, although I would love to see him completely recovered, this just tells me that is not going to be the case....Will this be the end of the Top 4 and see only a Top 3 race??

You guys might enjoy this. !

As you said, we'll just have to see how he plays at Chile to get a good view of his level of play and see if he can reach that top level again. Unfortunately, he doesn't exactly face great competition there or in Brazil. We'll have to wait until Acapulco and, more importantly, Indian Wells to get a real reading on what he can do. It is nice to see him taking a more knee-friendly path for once. Only two hard court tournaments all the way through to Wimbledon, and very understandable as to why he refused to skip those. I'm interested to see what he does about the USO and its hard court heavy lead-up.

Also, it's interesting that he ditched his usual Queen's Club Wimbledon practice and opted for the Garry Weber Open instead. Looking for a match with Federer, maybe?

Full Brasil Open Final against Nalbandian in HD:

Nadal vs Nalbandian ● Brasil Open 2013 (Sao Paulo) FINAL ● Full Match HD

I haven't watched it yet (still buffering), but I hear that he looked to be in really good form in this final. Acapulco's next, so we'll get a really good reading there on what he can do since there's more stiff competition than the other two!

Nice interview with Mr. Nadal, the matador:
Nadal interview


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