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opponents that are rude. Thats vague but i was playing dubs we were down 4-1 and they were making fun of us. laughing and swearing (youre supposed to be pulled out after swearing 3 times, they didnt) What do you do? I have problems not letting that get to me. Then after the match (we won 6-4 6-2) they told their coach we were swearing and she believed them and tried to have us defualt. There were too many people watching and they said that those girls were cussing. But how do you deal with that? They laughed at us and were so rude! Im insecure so that stuff gets to me. And then i get nervous and tight. We only fought back because my partner made up for my errors.

People will try ANYTHING to get in your head. Just ignore it.  You won the match.  Be happy that you didn't let them distract you.  Just pick cool people to play with socially and in tournament matches just pride yourself on being able to tune out all the gamesmanship and focus on the business of winning the match.

T rat:
I can't really answer, only being the father of two daughters who play tennis, but it seems to me that you have it under control.  You may think you're insecure and that your partner carried you but next time I think it may be you who does the 'carrying'.

The rudeness has to be attacked with tenacity OR aloofness.  You cannot control how these goofs act but you can control your own reactions and that will ultimately be what makes or breaks you.  You can let their behavior get to you or use it in your favor...I recommend using it in your favor.

Well I know that situation sucks Betsmoyo but I definitely know how you feel. The last two school matches we've had have been against arrogantly rude teams who will bring a fanbase with them just to cheer annoyingly. Their little cheersquad will sit there and cheer everytime you miss (stuff like that) or cheer for your opponent and tell them "good shot" when you double fault or something. Its just so purposely annoying and I know I risk being called a bad player for this but whenever that gets to me - I dish it back out.

Everytime I make a winner, I'll yell and scream CMON!!! and clench my fist in my opponents face while screaming "YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!" to myself. Eventually, they'll shut up after they see that I'm not afraid to make them feel like crap too. Especially when I win :)

exactly they had the baseball team watching before their game and they were all rude. They were whistling at us if we bent over to pick up our water or ball. And they cheered so LOUD when we mis-hit. Their coach watched my singles and she was so into it.

I was carried though, i dbl faulted an entire game my racket was always open. And i completely missed balls at one point.

Thankyou for the advice! I think we won it in the end cause our coach came over and yelled at the other girls for their behavior. and they quit and completely shut up the last set.


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