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I'm considering starting martial arts training to help get myself back into proper condition. I'm wondering is there one form that is better than the other? I don't know allot about martial arts other than what I've seen on Kung Fu movies, but I hear it's good training for tennis. I hear you can get some training videos too, Has anyone taking Mrtial arts? and what is the best form?

Beats me.  I took Jiu-Jitsu in college which was a freaking plast.  1/2 stand up fighting and 1/2 ground fighting.  I liked the ground fighting a lot, especially since that is where most street fights end up.  It is basically lethal wrestling.  I learned a lot, it didn't help my tennis, but I can defend myself nicely.

Well I know  not one thing about martial arts but I took up Kick boxing a couple years ago. And I'll tell you I'm in the best shape of my life at 45 years old. I'm fitter and stronger then I was when I was 25. Kick boxing is the best decision I've ever made and yes my tennis game has improved immensely, I play better then I ever had and can last much longer. Kick boxing will help you get conditioned very quick and will give you balance, good footwork, flexibility, coordination, and develop your reflexes. You should think about it, you won't regret it.

I'ts funny that this subject came up because I'm about to start a Kung Fu class on Monday. Like you I don't know allot about martial arts but I can't see why it wouldn't help with tennis and I think it would also help with focus. It couldn't hurt to try it out.

Oh yeah and yoga is amazing to it really helps me with concentration and focus and ofcourse flexibility.


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