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Murray vs Jankovic: Who will win a major first?

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Jankovic doesn't seem to have the attitude to won in big moments. Atleast, that is the impression I have got. She seems happy to make it to the big ocassion and then lose.

OSU Buckeye:
I say JJ because she is more likely to get to a final and play against someone she can beat than Murray is.  Murray will have to beat at least 2 or 3 really tough players to get it done. 

I'd have to say Murray is more capable, but I think Janks is more likely.
Murray has to get through at least 3 dedicated professionals in Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, in addition to a host of up and comers.
Janks' competition are the Williams sisters, who seem to have dedicated themselves to tennis, but still don't play enough, Shrieks, who is injured, Ivanovic, Kuznetsova and perhaps Dementieva. All of who suffer from nerves, and none of whom can hold their serve in a big moment.

Jankovic, because the women are just unpredictable at times...She has a real shot at the French Open in my opinion. 

Jankovic might be the most likely to win the French Open.   I really cant see a Williams ever winning that particular slam again.    I would like her chances in a rematch with Ivanovic even if Ana gets back on track.   Dementieva might never win a slam at this point, she really blew her shot at the French and U.S Open both this year, she is getting old to keep doing that.     Safina is looking more and more like a headcase in the big matches.
Sharapova wont win the French even if she returns healthy as a big force on tour.   

I actually think Jankovic will win the French next year probably.   So I think the only way Murray gets in first I think is if he wins the Australian Open, and while he could it is more likely not to happen then to happen.  Anyway Jankovic could be in the top 3 or 4 to win there herself, and while the Williams are more capable there then they are at the French at that point they are also much more vurnerable there then Wimbledon or the U.S Open, in fact Venus hasnt been past the quarters there in forever it seems.   


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