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Does anyone else have this problem when they lose a match?


After I lose a real important match (I've really only been in 3 matches that I consider to be big though) I seem to think about the loss for a long time.  I'm in 9th grade and have been playing tennis about 9 months.  Last Thursday, I was in the first District meet in my life and only my 3rd tournament.  I had gotten 2nd and 1st in the other tournaments but in District, I ended up losing in the semi-finals so I won't be going to Regionals.  I lost the match 6-1, 7-6(7-4).  All I had heard all year from coaches, parents, and the other players on my team was how me and this other guy on my team would be able to get 1st and 2nd at District and Regionals easy.  The last few days it has taken me a long time to go to sleep becuase I would be thinking about the match that I should have very easily won.  We finish District this coming Monday and I will be in a match for 3rd place.  Does anyone else have this problem sometimes and what are some tips to make sure that it doesn't affect other matches?  Thanks for the help.

"Guest" I understand what you're going through and I can relate fully, I think. My problem is -- I'm just such a figurative and abstract thinker. I find it hard to just think about one point but rather if I'm playing bad -- I'll start thinking about who's the better player and how I'm a lesser player and am "not as good" as my opponent. I'll go so wrapped up in who's "supposed" to win this match and thinking about numbers & rankings that I have no time to think about the point I'm playing.

Obviously, the easiest way & best way to help this -- and Ive found this thru personal experience -- I tell myself "Ok, the score is 15 all and this is a neutral point so I need to keep the ball in the court and wait for the winner" or something like that and once I've accessed what kind of point this is ^Assume I'm serving (15-all, 30 all and deuce being neutral points while 15-40 would be a defense point *meaning I'd just keep the ball in the court and wait for the unforced error from my opponent* and 40-love would be what I call a "green light" point meaning I set the ball up and take the shot if its there instead of waiting on it.

That's how I access points and that's what I think about in between the points. Then, I tell myself what's the best percentage play for this particular point. If I get a backhand do I wanna go crosscourt everytime or should I risk it down the line? Focus on my placement and already have each shot I might get planned out so that there is no confusion or mindless swinging during the point.

And by that time, the point has already started. As you can see, this is a lot to think about so there is no time to be negative or dwell on statistics or errors. You just have to forget about the shots you can't change now and focus in on what you can do to improve the shots you CAN change.

Sorry if that was confusing but I hope it helped a little...

Hang in there -- I lost in the semifinals of districts last year too and it was kinda disappointing but for you to have come back 7-6 in that 2nd set says gr8 things about you despite the loss. Keep at it and good luck on the court.

I lost my first tournament in the first round after I was told by many I could beat the guy I had to play left handed.  He killed me, I took it for granted.  Now, I assume anyon ecan beat me if I do not come out playing good tennis and staying focused.

I do not losses stick with me like that though.  In tennis we will all lose tons and tons of matches.  If you let them stay with you it will be tough to move on to the next match.

You are in 9th grade, which means you will have 3 more years to advance to Regionals and beyond.  Focus on that, not the past.  That is not to say you cannot think about the match, but do not let it overwhelm you.  I probably give each match some thought just to reflect.  But by the time the next match comes and goes I have forgotten about the previous.

Belgian Miss:
I never take a match that serious. My goal is to go out there and just have fun. Except against some opponents, who I really try to trash. I always enter tournaments in both singles and doubles and If I lose in either it doesnt affect my other match, except if im tired of the other match.
But still, for some reason, I get nervous when the match is going to start, especially against a younger player, when im excpected to win. Takes me a couple of games to adjust.


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