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What a sucky sports week. :(

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Randy Ferby/David Nedohin, my least favorite curling tandem, having three opponents who had them beat and out of the event into the embarassment 3rd, 4th, or 6th place finishes; instead gift wrapping them the wins to continue with blatant missed shots at the end.    Tiger Woods winning the Masters, more of the boring Tiger-Mania that makes golf nauseating to watch.    Canada losing the womens hockey gold, to their most serious, but most hated rivals, the U.S, and the Europeans not showing themselves being any more competitive as compensation.   Omigod this week of sport sucks big time for me, I think I need a two-month hibernation to recuperate, just awful!

I would like to add that Roger Federer is a WAY WAY WAY better athlete than either Randy Ferby or Tiger Woods.   If the three of them competed in a triathalon or any random sport he would smoke them both.   They are both way overrated, overhyped, and overgushed.

Dude, you watch curling?  That's a big problem right there.

Yeah I watch curling occasionaly.  :)    I dont watch nearly as much as tennis.   Ever since obese-and-tempermental Ferbey and full-of-myself Nedohin and his team became dominant I stopped watching it as much, I started watching the Worlds more closely when I heard they were losing some games though.

I know I should cheer for a Canadian representative, and normally I would, but those two just annoy the hell out me with their attitudes and demeanor.   Also I hate to see a sport that you can be that out of shape and succeed.  I am a bit pudgy myself but I am not an elite athlete, Ferbey is definitely larger than I am, somebody much larger than me should not be able to be a champion in "elite sport".


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