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Premier Legue Pick 'em

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--- Quote from: Lugburz on May 24, 2009, 02:37:46 PM ---Nice tribute Babble,and of course congrats Chris by becoming the first champion of the our very unique Premier Lg Pick 'em !
btw,Babble can we see their picks now  ..-)

--- End quote ---

I posted them yesterday  ;-()

What a fantastic season that was guys  :) Thanks so much Babble for all your hard work throughout the season, its been hugely appreciated  :) and thanks a lot for your fantastic tribute and review  :king: Somil congrats on the runners up spot and an awful lot of brilliant predictions this season- you really were fantastic :) Thanks a lot too Luggy- you and Babble living outside of England have both just been brilliant with your knowledge and support of the game and your respective teams :)
I'm really pleased to have won here, as thats a lot of predictions gone into that, and just hope now that United crown the 'perfect' season on Wednesday night :winner: :cloud 9: :shakey:

ah such fun times, I miss Chris, Somil, conchi, MF and co....


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