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My ugly, ugly serve

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I took some more vids of it today.  Boy is it weird-looking.  Scott: maybe you should do a "do's and dont's" comparison of my serve and Pete's, LOL.

I dont serve right either, and it is ugly.   I use no leg, just arm, throw it up and swing with force down to try and generate power.   I hit all my serves on the deuce side wide, on the ad side down the middle.    The only exception is sometimes I hit high moonball serves that reach the sky.   That is when I am playing somebody other than my dad who I easily overpower, and I am the one getting overpowered, I try to change up by not trying to hit hard serves or hard shots anymore.

Mine is the opposite, I got a weird hitch in the arm motion and use too much leg, not to mention hitting it wayyy over on the left side of my head.  Look in the State of your game thread to see what I mean.

So in other words you have a serve like Conchita Martinez?

No idea, never seen her.

Am I suffering from a tennis version of anorexia nervosa here?  I can use ANY positive comments I can get  :)) .


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