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Problem with arm

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I had a question about my arm if any of you had a similar problem or can tell me what i am doing wrong please respond. Ok its about 1/4 trew the season and my arm starts hurting mainly in the bicep and elbow a sharp pain everytime I serve. I never get this problem on groudstrokes or volleys. Could it be the extention on my arm the racket i am useing hitting to flat of a serve, Should i use weights more build up more mucsle than i already have? I Have Doubles invite this next weekend hope too win but what should i do diffrently when i serve or practice on the court? thanks Jarrod

I smell "tennis elbow". I hope you don't have a serious case of if or you'll be out for over a year recovering your elbow. Iced your elbow down after practice/match.

thanks bud i was thinking tennis elbow but not sure, icy hot and lots of ice. hope it heals somtime before summer usta tournements come's around.

I'd go to the doctor, they can tell you whats wrong.

thanks again for the info.


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