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Federico Luzzi, rest in peace

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the Batman:
I am copying this from another forum:

'Italian tennisplayer Federico Luzzi died this morning due to a Leukemia. He was only 28 years old.

Last week he didn't feel that well and he was admitted to hospital with what seemed like bronchitis, but then they discovered he had a severe case of leukemia, he didn't respond to the treatment and he fell into a coma, he died this morning.

RIP Federico and condolences to his family, friends and fans.'

I can tell you that I saw him playing, against Nalbandian or Canias or somebody better, in the Buenos Aires ATP tournament. He was really talented, a lot of touch and incredibly surprising shots, but he lacked all consistency and took all the wrong decisions. He had a lot of charisma, also. I remember him playing with a strange grey sleeveless shirt probably under no sponsorship. Again, his was of a rare talent.

I am sorry for him.

That is absolutely terrible to hear. To go from just feeling a bit unwell to that within a week or so is awful. For one so young, and a professional tennis player to have his life cut so short is extremely sad and can only say how sorry I am and pass my condolences onto his family and friends.
R.I.P Federico  ://

the Batman:

this is the guy:



I hadn't heard of Luzzi. Thanks for the thread, Batman. 

Wow, and only 28!  That's sad.


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