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Do you believe hitting against the wall daily is very helpful for you game?  I know a few people that hit against the wall everyday and it seems to help their timing, but im not sure.  What's your opinion?

I think hitting against the wall is great practice.  You can hit an incredibule amount of balls in a short period.  When Mary Pierce was a kid I believe her Dad had her hit against a barn wall something like 3-4 hours per day.  

Here is a link to an article I wrote about hitting against the wall.

I find that hitting against the wall is good with the caveat that you focus on the mechanics of your strokes and footwork and not so much pace or spin.  Oftentimes, I'll rally against the wall and will wait for the ball to come back to be and end up hitting most of my shots around my ankles.  What is the old adage:  perfect practice makes perfect???  So move your feet and focus on hitting the ball in your "wheelhouse" each time.  Also, try to videotape yourself hitting against the wall so you can see the mechanics of your shot.

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Interesting, I never thought of video taping hitting against the wall, that would be sweet.  I need to do that sometime.

I used to hit against the wall years gone by.  I did it to pick up the pace of my shots.  I found that smackin the ball as hard as I could off both wings was a great way to improve speed and accuracy.

Mind you, I would chalk a line and stood back far enough to mimic a real court.  I also used this for practicing serve, although it seemed like a waste of time for that.


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