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Tennis Ball Machine recommendations???



I've been saving my pennies with the goal of buying a tennis ball machine to help my game.  Right now, I'm at $500 and hope to have enough saved to make a purchase by summer (when I'll need it the least -- really winter is the time to whip out these bad boys when it's difficult to find another tennis nut wanting to hit in sub-freezing temperatures).  Overall, I've had my eye on the silent partner pro for $1099 (see link below):

Does anyone out there own one and could offer any advice. What about other machines?  My feature set of requirements are:
1) Portable - battery-operated
2) Allow for topspin and backspin
3) Random oscillation.
4) Able to do lobs and such as I need all the work I can get on my overheads?

Being the cheapskate that I am, I frequently peruse Ebay for ball machines but am hesitant to make an investment in "used" equipment.  Any success stories out there?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Happy Holidays...



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