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Which is your favourite Grand Slam and why?

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I chose the "Happy Slam", my Australian Slam - the Australian Open!!!

It's easier to say which I like least: Wimby  ..-)

I chose RG because it's on clay and it's in Paris and I've been there several times. But I wouldn't put US Open too far behind because of the grounds passes, it's the season's ultimate tourney (I can give a rats ass about those that follow), it's played on the fastest surface, night matches, the fans rock! (Wimby fans are nilly-willy hand sitters), it's the American slam, it's in NYC and I've been there several times. But I wouldn't put the happy slam too far behind that because it looks like a hoot and it's the first slam of the year.

Wimbledon- My home Slam. You can't beat the history and prestige of the tournament. Same surface since back in the late 1800s and when you think of tennis more often than not the next thing you think is Wimbledon. Its a very special place with a unique feeling.

Do I need to say that clay is my favorite surface? Added to that I love the color of the french clay, deep blue skies,flowers lining the courts...its just too beautiful and the french open is more 'french' than the other slams having the trademark of their culture...of course wimbledon comes a close second....the tradition of wimbledon is unique but RG is my favorite and all my favorite players have done wonderfully well there.

1-Wimbledon, home of tennis
2-Roland Garros, clay
3-Flinders Park, the happy slam
4-Flushing Meadows, ny and grandstand.


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