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Which is your favourite Grand Slam and why?

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Well of course wimby and my least favourite one is french open just because the center court is never full the V.I.P seats are always empty even in level like semifinals and finals,there are people in world who will give their left arm for a place in the centre court  like me  :)bu in Roland Garros The VIPs don't bother to get in time for the matches.

Totally biased here, but since I go to the US Open and it is the easiest for me to follow, I'll go with that.  It's also played in the summer here, which is when tennis season seems to be at it's peak (again, biased view on my part). 

Next would be Wimbledon, followed by the French in 3rd, and finally the AO coming in a distant 4th.

Start da Game:
1) wimbledon (there is nothing like wimbledon)
2) french open (the toughest slam)
3) australian open
4) us open


--- Quote from: Chris1987 on December 09, 2008, 12:36:24 AM ---Wimbledon- My home Slam. You can't beat the history and prestige of the tournament. Same surface since back in the late 1800s and when you think of tennis more often than not the next thing you think is Wimbledon. Its a very special place with a unique feeling.

--- End quote ---

 ..-)  6 out of 9 disagree...

1) Wimbledon
2) US Open
3) Roland Garros
4) Australian Open


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