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Two-handed forehand

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What do you all think about the Two-handed forehand?

Please list advantages/disadvantages

I played a girl with a two handed forehand in my last tourney.  You have to be fast to be sucessful.  You get less reach, but it may confuse your opponent and you can do crazy things with slices and stuff if your at a very high level (Santoro is a perfect example).

You could probably get a more educated answer on this topic, but that's what I think.  Two handers can be tricky.

Think Monica Seles...brilliant if you know how to use the thing.

We have already discussed this on the PM, but I think that your footwork will need to be very solid and fast.  You will lose some of your reach with the 2 hands, but that is not to say you cannot stretch with the one hander to hit it ocassionally.

I personally am not a fan of the 2 handed forehand, but if your wrist is hurting as bad as you say it is, and you have taken time off, it is worth a shot.

MC ill Logic:
Unless strength is an issue, or you have some sort of injury, I would never recommend that somebody hit a two handed forehand.  You probably just need to keep practicing and/or have a knowledgable pro adjust your swing.  Don't resort to drastic measures just yet.


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