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Adding an avatar is beyond me!

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No doubt I'm stupid, but I can't see how to add an avatar. My profile summary doesn't have any avatar section or accompanying brows button as mentioned in the thread about uploading the things. I'm too old for internet stuff!

You can go to the Profile section and then on the left click on "Forum Profile Information".  Under there will be avatar stuff.

If you like, point me to the avatar and I will do it for you.  :)

Thanks for the reply, but how do I point you to an image on my computer? Could I send it as an attachment to an email? It's quite a small picture, and might not need resizing.

You could email it to me at  :)

It's here;u=3597;sa=forumProfile and then just select I will upload my own picture: then click on Browse... Choose the image on your computer and finally click on Change profile.

Just for next time as it seems the avatar has been added to your profile.


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