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Ralph Wylam: are endeavouring to create a world wide directory of tennis coaches and to achieve this we are offering a free web page to all qualified tennis coaches.  On this they can post their cvs or any personal details they wish.  This could include details of qualifications,  experience and interests.  They can put a photo and also include internet links to clubs, hotels or schools where they teach and links can be provided from the clubs, schools and hotels back to the coach web page.   We also have a search facility so that anybody wishing to find a coach in any town, county or country can carry out a search and the coaches registered  will then be listed. Please visit and try it - the search facility is on the left hand side of the main page.

 Registration can be made online and could not be easier. Simply visit and complete the box on the right hand side of the page with name and email address. Click on 'submit' and then complete the fields  with your address, telephone numbers, qualifications and experience and anything else relevant and 'submit'.  Each coach will instantaneously have his own unique internet address e.g. together with his own ‘username’ and ‘password’ so that he can update and amend his details as and when he wishes.  Please click on see the web page of Clive Ashford as an example.

 At present we have more than 170 coaches worldwide on the directory -see  - this facility should be of great benefit to any coach who is running his own small business. His  internet address can be used on letterheads and business cards and as a ‘signature’ on emails in addition to having a continual presence on the internet.


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