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How to get in the game early


I am playing singles at the varsity level and  am doing pretty good.  7-1 so far i believe this year.  Been playing just over 2 years.  I have the problem that I always give up a few games at the beginning usually 2 or three and then always come back and up and first set is usually close and then 2nd i start to play very well.  I am having trouble winning the first games for some reason.  I warm up, do streches, try to relax, get in the game, make some plans, etc.  

I hit hard with a lot of spin and can do all the shots.  I have a flat on serve that i use once in a while to surprise and slice the rest of the time.   I am usually a hard hitter but this year, I am finding that consistency is beating everyone so I am hitting close to no hard shots and just try to give deep shots and move the people around.     Anyone have any tips on getting in the game quicker and staying on top of things to make sure that I have a lead and don't have to fight hard?     It seems like i do a lot of double faults and rush myself at the beginning or something.  And I get owned by wide and narrow serves at first.  I have a theory that I am just taking my time to evaluate the players and find their weaknesses so i can attack them soon.  (Last two people I played had no backhand and would run around everything to hit forehands so id give them hundreds of deep backhands and once in a while when they move over, rip one at their forehand to make them hit that on the rush)

Interesting.  Do you come out hitting bigger shots and making errors and then settle in to the consistant game?

you remind me of a girl we played at districts last week. She won the number 1 bracket in singles and dbls. But she would lose the first few games and then tie it up and shoot ahead. She hit the ball so well. Not that tall either and her serve was pretty hard. She was in great shape built. Always wore nicer clothes, like Nike. I didnt play her thank lord i was 5.

All I can say is just play. Dont think about it and you said you win anyway so...

I think this is the boards 10,001st port, anyways....
I try to be as consistant as possible even at the beginning,  I only start to hit big shots close to the end.  I also notice that I play a lot different in practice than i do in the game.  I hit a lot harder and go for more winners when practicing and then when game comes, i just try to hit consistent, Is this bad?

Well I don't know why it is but it is a disttinct pattern,  I think i am a pretty good player but i always lose the first few games for some reason and I dont know why.

Belgian Miss:
You shouldnt mind, as long as you win the match. The question is then if you have a psychological problem with being unable to win the first few gamesof the match. I use to have a similar problem, starting any match with a bunch of unforced errors. But that was because I was nervy at the start. As the match progressed, I got better. Henin has a similar problem.


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