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Belgian Miss:
What grip do u use when you play? Just curious about that. I never change my grip when I switch from BH to FH . I use a full western grip, just because it gives me the most comfortable feeling. Offcourse you use different grips according to your game, but I dont care

Serve/volleys: continental
forehand: semi-western
backhand (1hbh): eastern bh and continental (for slice)

Serve, volleys, overheads, half volleys, slice shots - continental
Topspins, western.

You use western bh like Guga and Henin?  How do you make that work for s/v?

serve/volley: continental
forehand: Semi-Western
Backhand: 2 handed full western

But I'm left handed so I guess that it's the reverse of what I said. ||-|


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