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Hey all, I've got a neat tip to start out a journal about my footprint in the tennis world, so here we go.

Tennis, something I loved for a long time, I never played it, not too much watched it, but always had the fondness to that game. But just like any other normal kid who never liked any kind of sport in his youth It was just there (Among other stuff), in a sleepy, gloomy corner in my mind. Just like a sleeping dragon who never uses his potential to rule the land around him, I too, never took any action about it.
Years went by, other stuff has started to awaken by our friend: Mr. Time, first one was the Artistic side of me that took over (Painting, Drawing - 1995, 'till present day), few years after, The technical side of me awaken (Programmer -2003, My job 'till present day), few more years went by, the Martial Art side of me awaken (Aikido - 2007, 'till present day), and these days, the Sporting side has awaken (Tennis, 2009), and now it seems I'm on a new path to try.

Chapter 1 - Newbie's first steps
It was about few weeks ago, after a tiring but enjoyable session of Aikido class that me and my friend found our selfs discussing things on the matter, when he than finally asked me if I'm free the day after, which I replied that I'm free at the time, He recommended to me to join him to a session of Tennis. I smiled on the spot!.

1 Day: Kinda fuzzy and mis-oriented, although I know the idea overall, the feeling and the actually doing of the game, is totally different, striking the ball and hitting hit was fairly easy, hitting it correctly however was something else, since the ball seemed to like to fly all over the place (Including out of bound fences!), slowly my friend explained how important is the foot-work, and how similarly lowering the body and turning it is resembling moves in Aikido, (Which did help in the beginning), later on he kept showing me and telling me about holding correctly the racquet and hitting the ball with the correct angle and position of the arm.
This went by 2+- hours where I was more running and puffing than enjoying the game.

2nd Day: Much better, seems like few stuff from last week have sunk to my brain and some new neurological connections have been formed! It was more smooth than last time, however still very very very rough game! Of course running and puffing! But, I seemed to be more focusing on my forehand this time. Hitting the ball still goes randomly, but no more out of bounds! My friend kept saying useful ideas and gave me suggestions and we worked a lot on face to face (close distance) ball tossing (To be in focus). This time, 2 other players (Who my friend knew) joined for a quick 2-2 session with us (Not caring about points..etc) and it seemed to be a really rewarding practice! Under pressure, you have little time to think, and therefor act, and few shots of mine were pretty OK and did made it to the correct spots/area. Day ended, and I was quite pleased!

3rd Day: Was much more enjoyable, as my forehand shorts were fun to do! Chasing, running and puffing reduced in about 5%-8%, I was more concentrating on hitting the shots with my forehand than thinking about "where will I'll hit or am I close/further, should I turn my body...etc", However! Disaster strike when I tried the dreaded Backhand strike, owww what an awful strikes I get from my backhand! Most of the shot are going way too high or way too offset to the position I want, its so irritating to say the least enjoyable! And my friend knew it, so he kept sending me the balls to a backhand shot to practice it. I can sum up that it was a successful practice! We both enjoyed a fair game (We don't play points game, as we like it argument free practice) and went home happy after a good 2+- hours of practice.

* During of the week *
I was more "thinking" tennis, and decided to look around the web for more help, This forum came about in search of some videos, since than, here I am, but mostly was focused on online tutorials, like the ones on youtube. I've looked and learned from the movies about a proper forehand, backhand, serving and some other tips and tricks.

4th Day: Way better! My forehand strike was more adjusted, I removed my two hands of the racquet and decided to use only 1, (I'm right handed), I seemed to make a worse shots with 1 hand on the racquet than two, since there is a power loose! But few shots did made it through. More notably I gotta say thanks to a near by (near court) teacher, who was teaching a youngster girl to play (she did well!! - those kids sure have fast learning capabilities) so I tried to mimic few of the basic moves with 1 hand and swinging technique. This did better, but still no power yet, 2 hands were much easier and smoother for me, but hey, 4th time I'm playing, it will get much better from here. What about backhand? still bad!! However, I did try to finally use my memory and dug out a video from the net about how to serve, so a quick visualization of how the players serve and its time to try for real! Few tried, baddd! more tries.. the ball is wayy in the wrong direction, few more tried, nice, nice its getting somewhere, and during the 2+ hour practice, I was getting the ball pretty much to the place I wanted but one thing was missing: Power and Precision, Which, with the correct stance and more practice will come fairly quick. Session ended very good as my friend started to like my game play more and more.

* Current Week *
I decided to get my self a brand new racquet, I went on a beginner/medium one, a Wilson nCode W2 line, which was fairly OK for price of 150$, I don't think I need anything now, it will be a good training tool!. (My friend's racquets are ok, but I guess too old. Having your own will make sure your well adjusted and connected to it than another person's).
Also I got to learn more from videos about proper stances and body rotation during forehand/backhand strikes, so I will apply them next time we play (Friday). And I was also looking for a school/teacher in Tennis around my area.. Boy! Private teaching is not cheap at all!! I tell you!!.

Well, than, all I gotta do is wait for practice 5, or get a teacher.. :)
Cya soon.

Welcome to the thread.
Keep having lots of fun!  :trampoline:

Awesome, glad to see you started a journal, I look forward to reading your progress!!!  Great post to start it by the way!

About time you picked up a tennis racquet. Welcome to the tennis world!
Your Akido should be a real help to you as tennis is a sport where balance is of paramount importance.

OSU Buckeye:
Nice 1st journal post there STC!  Welcome here!  If you have any questions please ask us.........there are quite a few knowledgable tennis players here!  We loves us some tennis! 


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