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Re: Mertov's Tennis Desk
« Reply #180 on: April 03, 2015, 04:01:46 AM »
Latest posting on MT-Desk on Djokovic and being perpetually "Third"..


Not much Djokovic can do about it.
Those epic battles between Nadal and Fed just can't be repeated.
I still remember Nadal in his pirate garb against what many said was the GOAT.
Even though Djokovic is playing at a historic level there's just some piece of magic missing, not sure exactly what it is but do know it isn't there.
For me it's the style of tennis.
His lack of a foil may contribute to the lackluster drama as well.
I mean really, Andy (not Roddick) just doesn't match up well with Nole.
Though the outcome was lopsided, Fed v. Nadal had contrast.
Andy (not Roddick) v. Nole is just blah blah blah tennis. 
No variety + No surprises = No magic.
Just exhausting, boring, repetitive rallies.
Sort of like the WTA.
No imagination whatsoever.
CONK da ball!!!