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--- Quote from: swish on April 01, 2013, 03:52:36 PM ---
--- Quote from: Alex on April 01, 2013, 02:46:55 PM ---I got a virus trying to watch a tennis match. Unbelievable. this stupid thing kept popping out asking me if I like Asian women  :rofl_2: . that's my luck. all I wanted was to just watch a match.

--- End quote ---

At least the virus could have the smarts to ask you if you like canadian woman.   :)~

--- End quote ---
well some of Canadian women are Asian  :). Seriously, it's getting silly. they offer you a live stream of tennis matches for free and then bombard you with all of this crap.

Clay Death:

The would be a great thread to sticky at the top as anybody coming in as well as us regulars can instantly see the links for live tennis. Video Lessons is the most effective way to improve your tennis skills and serve today!

Clay Death:
clintdawson stop by the chat section. we will make you a cool sig if you wish.
we are at the castle thread.
 :)) :))

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