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Need help on a point ruling!

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Tonight while playing doubles, I hit a shot with a ton of spin on it.  It left my racquet, hit my opponent's court, then bounced back to my side of the court and hit the ground without my opponent touching the ball.  I said it was my point, and although all the other players disagreed with me (including my partner), none could disagree with any authority, because none of us had ever had that happen during a match.  We were just playing for the heck of it, so it really didn't matther.  But should this happen again, I want to be certain I'm making the correct call.  

Although I couldn't find this specific instance in the rules of tennis, I believe that your opponent must legally strike the ball back into your court to have a chance to win the point.

I think my call tonight was correct.  Can anyone verify this for me?


Thats your point mate- so you were right :)  and good shot by the way to be able to get so much spin upon the ball.

Actually the rule book says that if that happens, you are supposed to do over the point. :))

eh?  It does not say to do it over.

I already sent this as an e-mail reply, but here it is again.

You made the right call, it was your point.  This is the only time in tennis your opponent is allowed to reach over the net to hit the ball.  He/she has to hit the ball to win that point.

Well... I was basing my response on a rule book that I read. But I guess it was outdated from the 70's. :;:-|
I feel embarrassed now...


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