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Jan 2005 Tennis Magazine

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I just got this magazine today and a few things strike me as funny.

1.  They took a poll (who knows where) about who's footwork you would want to "emulate".  Here were the top 4 results:

1.  Roger Federer = 61.8%
2.  Lleyton Hewitt = 23%
3.  Serena Williams = 9.8%
4.  Kim Clijsters = 5.4%

I would of thought that Hewitt's would of been higher, even though Fed is smooth as butter!  I think he got the majority because he is a tennis God right now, who knows.  I would of thought that Hewitt's and Fed's would have been closer.

2.  They gave some of the top pros a report card grade for the year 2004...  I think they graded them soley on results, not per their potential.  Of coarse that is how they do it at school.  Here is what they had.

Fed = A+
Hewitt = A-
Roddick = A-
Henman = B+
Agassi = B
Kiefer and Haas = B-
Safin = B-
Fish, Blake, Dent, Ginepri = D

Fed, Hewitt, Agassi and Roddick I agree with.  But after the year that Henman had I would give him an A or A-, but maybe I am judging that too much on his potential vs the others.

Safin got a B-, he made the finals of a slam and had a good year end.  He basically rolled over like a dead fish at Wimbledon and the US Open but a B- is harsh.  I would bust him a B+ for his year end performances.

Busting out a D for Blake is rough too.  The dude was hurt.  I think they are judging this one on part of his potential though.  I think everyone thinks he has more potential then he really does.

They did one for the women too, but that is just too much typing...

3.  They pissed all over Safin in an article for his behavior and part of his performances this year.  Kinda funny.  They did quickly mention that he won 2 Masters at the end of the year, saying it was all a day in the life of MS...

Nice magazine this month though, some good instructional stuff and drills as usual.  Brad Gilbert started his instructional articles about communication in dubs...  Hey, didn't we just cover that here?  Has he been reading our stuff?

lol is brad gilbert still out of work?  i cant imagine no one has taken him in yet.   ;;)

you got your magazine already???

Yeah, I got it today.

Mine came in last Saturday. It was a good read, indeed.

PS: Why would anyone want Kim Clijsters' footwork? Sure, she's flexible. but having to do a split everytime she runs after a ball means she's SLOW and isnt there in time to set up properly, IMO. she shouldnt even have been on the list...they purposely put her on there to embarass her  HOW MEAN!!! :a) lol


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