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Tennis4you Announcements
« on: February 21, 2009, 03:28:12 PM »
We have a few announcements to make so I figured it would be best to just throw it all down in one thread for your reading pleasures...

1.  I would like to welcome Conchita to the moderation team of Tennis4you!  She has proven to be an amazing asset to the forums since she has gotten here.  We are excited that she will be helping us to keep this a fun and clean place to talk tennis.  Big thanks go to Conchita for accepting to help us!  I would also like to extend a “Thank You” to the existing moderators who have continued to do a great job here.  I cannot moderate this forum alone so their help is greatly appreciated!

2.  We have renamed the "Pro Player Tributes" to the "Pro Player Forum".  Please be aware that this is where we ask you discuss basic news specifically in regards to your favorite player.  General news and updates regarding a player should go in the Pro Player Forum and not in the General Tennis Forum.

3.  Quite a while ago I created a free forum for us when this forum was down.  I figured it would be a good way for us to communicate if this forum was ever down.  I hope we never have to use it, but you just never know.  Be sure to bookmark it if you would like any updates if we happen to be down.  Hopefully we will never be using it.  Here is the link:

Please know that I love this forum and I love discussing tennis with all of you.  My end goal has always been to have a forum that is above the rest.  That does not mean we need the most people or the most posts.  What I feel that does mean is that we are very respectful to one another and we treat each other like family (family we like of course).  I have asked the moderators to step up their moderation of certain kinds of posts with this end goal in mind.  This is very important to me and I hope it will be honored here.

We appreciate your help and cooperation!  If you have any questions regarding any of the announcements above you may feel free to PM me or any of the moderators here.
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