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33 degrees here in Columbus Ohio this morning.  What the heck happened to Spring?  Suppose to be 60 degrees later today which isn;t awful bad.  Next week better be warmer or I am going to be a non-happy camper.  I am ready for some 70 - 90 degree days for some good tennis.

It is nice and warm here.    There hasnt been even the slightest snow for 3 weeks.   My dad an I are playing later today.     I am going to crush him bad like I usually do.   You should come up here and play me, I need to be served some humble pie, playing my dad is too ego-enlarging, LOL!

I am not 100% sure where "there" is...

No matter, Scott.  Most Americans DONT know where Can-eh-da happens to be.  ;;)

I would kill to have 60 degree weather. Here in Florida, the temp averages about 85 on a fairly cool day. The summer highs are like 95-100. :cool:


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