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2 handed backhand with busted left wrist


I just read that Kim Clijsters had her brace removed today and can start "carefully" using her left hand to hit backhands.

I do not know what Kim has been doing, hopefully training like a mad women!  But If I had my left wrist busted in her situation I would play like crazy and just hit 1 hand slices and work on those.  I wouldn;t bother with the 1 handed topspin knowing i was going back the 2 handed backhand in the end.  But I would definetly work on something that could be benifical to me.  A good chance to work on her forehand alot though!

Hopefully she will be ready for the AO.

Yay.  :H   I also hope that she is ready for the AO.

did she play at all last year?  i hope she makes a comeback.  she can be yet another perosn to kick justines arrogant ass.  :a)

If I'm not mistaken, she was the runner up in the Australian Open finals --where she choked against Justine. Following that is when she went down, I think. She came back, briefly, for a tier II tournament in Belgium I think. Where she lost in the semi-finals to some nobody. She also reinjured her wrist in that match. Its been confirmed that she definitely wont be playing in the Australian Open 2005 but no word on whether she'll return after that as far as I know...

U are definetly not mistaken!


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