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It alright to try to distract server?

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I noticed especially when playing doubles if i hop at different rythms and move around a lot, i can distract servers and get them to make errors.  Is this alright to do or is it considered rude?  I think its a good strategy, cuz it completely messes some people up.

It doesn't bother me one bit when people do this and on one occasion ive aimed one at the guy at the net doing it and hit him 1st try and he stopped for the remainder of the game (my point).   :H

Not cool.  Against the rules as well.

You can't even rock or anything?

I've had that happen in doubles. The receiving teams net player will stand insanely close to the T portion of the service box to try and mess me up. I've never called it on account of rule violation...I just focused on what I was doing and served.

It's helped me actually. Just the other day a practice I was tossing the ball up for a serve and just as I was unloading to the ball, another ball flew right in front of me from another court. My serve still went in and I still won the point.

When an opponent does that to me...that tells me that they don't think their game is capable of beating me....therefore they try and make me screw up....all I prove them wrong  :whistle:

Well, it helps me stay loose and motivated so I think it is actually a useful tool, i dont think it would be against the rules.


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