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AO TV schedule listed in Tennis Magazine


When I looked at the AO schedule listed in Tennis Magazine it seems to be alomost the same as ESPN2 except for the two Sunday nights US time which includes opening day and the round of 16.    ESPN2 lists it as 7:00 PM EST when play starts for the day while Tennis Magzines lists it later at 11:00 PM for thte first day like in the past and 9:30 PM EST for the second Sunday US time.  I think the ESPN2 listing is correct because they have now taken into account that the NHL will be shut down.  To me it seems you cannot have any NHL games until at least early February because they have been canceling them on a 45 day rotating basis.  That means that games scheduled 45 days from today are beeing canceled each day.  Soon I think the NHL will throw in the towel and cancel the whole season and then you will have replacement players next fall.  The covereage is still listed as three hours with other fill ins listed afterword.  This should allow ESPN2 to stay to the end of a match.  Also the earier times will mean viewers will see a live match for sure rather then an earlier one on tape because it features US players.   It will give those on EST a chance to see coverage before bedtime.  Even those on Atlantic time will have a chance to see coverage from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

I hate not seeing live matches.  If it is taped I could usually care less.

I guess I am not tracking on the NHL thing, why would they cancel games?

The Sunday evening matches will be live.  Many other evenings will be live unless something better was played first.  The matches you see in the daytime will be taped since it would be the early morning in Australia.  The NHL has found the salaries are way to high for the players and they are losing money.  That is why the onwers are having the lockout and no games are being played.   The owners would rather cancel the whole season and hope to break the union next year with replacements if no agreement is reached.


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