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Grigor Dimitrov

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Thanks Arjen!

Bulgarian eh? No, I know nothing about him but that's a sweet game and insane point v. Nadal! :thumbs-up:

Mstree was so kind to upload his match against Simon in the Megaupload Matches threat if you want to check him out ;)

Will keep an eye on his development now that you've told us about him  :)

Hey! Since this is a Dimitrov topic, here's a vid I made about him :)

Please watch it! Tell me what u guys think ;)

Grigor Dimitrov : G-Force [HD]

I love Grisha (Dimitrov's nick name). my favorite youngster by far. great technique. he has to improve mentally. that is his biggest weakness IMHO. last time when he was playing Djokovic, a poor guy simply chocked so badly (making 4 DF in a game, serving for the set If I remember correctly) ... and Nole was bellow average, kinda half asleep.


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