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what color is a tennis ball?

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sorry to bring this upon you, but my girl is having some issues with what color a tennis ball is.  you guys play, so please offer me insight into waht color it is.

I'm pretty sure its got more to do with what kinda balls you're using, dude. I'm looking at a wilson 1 right now and its pretty darn lime green  :whistle:  srry to side with the misses

EDIT: check out the ball Andre's hitting in my AV. Lime green it is y0

I went with yellow, but we all know they say guys are a hell of a lot more collor blind than girls.

im pretty sure my tennis balls are lime colored.....
or am i colorbinded also!! :-o  :-o  :-o

yes, i beleive you may be.  thing is, when you look up at your oponent when they toss teh ball, it looks more like a highlighter theat they justed tossed, rather than a small turtle.  i cant imagine that a ball looks green to anyone.   ;;)


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