Author Topic: Organise Fun Events for Your Club and help Raise Funds  (Read 1909 times)

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Organise Fun Events for Your Club and help Raise Funds
« on: May 11, 2005, 03:31:23 AM » is offering an unique hand book specifically designed to take the hard work out of organising fun social tennis tournaments for players of differing abilities.

Hundreds of Clubs and Coaches are using this for their social events which enables everyone to play with or against everyone else. Ideal for start and end of season events and for fund raising, increasing bar profits etc.

Would you like an event where everybody can join in, no matter what their abilities? An event where the best player does not always win? A tournament where everyone plays the same amount of tennis and nobody is 'knocked out'? Would you like a tournament that can be arranged in minutes and where all the hard work is done for you? Well this is now possible.

The book is written for coaches, teachers and administrators to enable them to organise properly structured tournaments with a minimum of effort and literally in minutes.  Why not provide another service to your Club by organising social events.

Everything is provided including Rules, Score Sheets, Orders of Play.

For further details please visit

Cost is only£15.99 in UK or £17.99 (or equivalent) for the rest of the world and can be ordered online at You will get your money back with your first event! Can you afford not to have a copy?
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